Pasadena, Texas

My A/C went out this week, and American Home Shield authorized replacing the coils. The contractor had no interest in replacing the coils and instead wanted to sell me a whole new system $7900.

When I refused his sales pitch, he wrote me an estimate for $1,383 in non-covered repairs. $600 for freon! If you don't know, AHS only pays $10 per pound for refrigerant, and they don't tell you how much the contractors charge when they send them to your house. Each contractor has a different price.

I disputed the non-covered items, which the contractor claimed were modifications, and was told they were not covered because they were not covered because the contractor called them modifications. The modifications were necessary to acommodate the new coil unit as the coil identical to my unit was not available. These modifications consisted of adding 2" to the refrigerant line to make it connect with the new coil. I examined the cash in-lieu option and wasn't even offered enough money to purchase the part.

What a rip off. I've discussed this with several levels of AHS and could not get any assistance. I'm stuck with an A/C that doesn't work, a contractor, who is a crook, and an offer of $423 to replace the coil on a 3 ton unit.. $120 of the $423 is for freon 12# at $10/lb.

The rest is what they allegedly pay the contractor for the part and labor to install the part.

I don't think so. There are no other alternatives.

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AHS Contract Disclaimer: "Service requests are subject to a fee for each trade call. Some exclusions and limitations apply."


That's why you should read your contract before you renew as there are many things AHS is changing. Remember, they are an insurance company.

If they covered everything for "FREE" bankruptcy would be in sight. I'd ask for a upgrade credit as it doesn't make sense putting $ into an older unit.

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