Sandy, Utah

I have had a warranty with extra coverage from AHS for 7 years and recently renewed. During that time we had only few warranty issues on non-essential items. Last nite, Friday, the water heater cracked and we have no hot water and a substantial running leak. I called and placed a service request at 8am this morning. After no reply from the provider after 3 hrs, I called to find out they only work Mon-Fri.

So I called AHS to arrange for an alternate service provider and am told that no hot water and a leaking heater is NOT AN EMERGENCY and if I don't hear from the provider by Wed (5 days) I should call back and they will schedule someone else. How any company can state that water running out of a cracked hot water tank inside your home does not constitute an EMERGENCY amazes me.

And conveniently AHS decides in its sole opinion what constitutes an emergency and they do not list in my policy what "emergencies" are. Seems somewhat arbitrary and who says they couldn't say any situation was not an emergency. This is a huge gap that in my opinion makes the policy next to worthless if I can't get service for an emergency. Sounds like a "policy" that encourages the homeowner to have to seek alternate repair service so the homeowner pays for it and AHS doesn't have to spend anything.

So be forewarned that having an AHS policy it may well not offer the coverage you might think you have. I wished I was aware of this before we kept renewing our policy. Now I have a broken water heater that is causing additional damage and being told by AHS there is nothing they can do (but in fact they are choosing not to do anything).

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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