Atlanta, Georgia

Last year I had a problem with my furnace and contacted AHS for repairs. The contractor came out and said that he'd have to order the part. Unfortunately I wound up without heat during the record low temperatures in Atlanta last year. It was miserable. Despite using space heaters the temperature still got below freezing (the water in my dog's water bowl actually froze).

I was not at all pleased about the delay but AHS and the contractor assured me that they were doing everything possible to get that part ASAP. The problem according to the contractor is that I have a Trane furnace and that Trane requires that parts come directly from them.

After five days of miserable cold the furnace was fixed and I hoped that I would never deal with that again.

This year - remembering how miserable I was last year - I tested the furnace in October and once again the furnace would not start. On October 7th I sent a request to AHS to have the furnace repaired.

Since then I have had contractors come to my house three times (and the gas company once). I was once again told that part of the delay was waiting for a part that only Trane could provide, only to be told by the next contractor that the replaced part was "generic" and not from Trane.

I've spoken with AHS several times but nothing seems to make a difference.

Two days ago I was promised by AHS that my case has now been escalated and that a special team would now be in touch with me daily to ensure that this furnace is finally fixed. I've not heard back from AHS since.

Living like this has now affected my health. On Friday I had to go to the doctor for xrays and prescriptions for pneumonia. Still no heat.

If you read through the many complaints on here you will notice that my situation is not unusual. At this point I assume that I have no option but to hire a contractor directly and also assume that whatever is wrong with my furnace, it must be serious and that's why the contractors and AHS have been either unable or unwilling to fix it.

Does AHS do this deliberately? Or do they just have no idea what is going on? Or what?

In any event, you will not know if AHS will take care of your problem until you have a problem - and when that happens, if the repair is a necessary one (like having heat!) then you are out of luck.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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