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elow is a chain of conversation with an AMERICAN HOME SHIELD representative. On 7/20/15, I submitted to have a repair done on my refrigerator. It is now 8/7/15 and the repair order is still not resolved. I won't go into all the issues with the contractor, SEARS and with American Home Shield, only to say that AMERICAN HOME SHIELD has absolutely no way to resolve issues with contractors, and they provide absolutely NO FOLLOW UP via Customer Service via numerous telephone calls and emails directly through their own website.

If you ever have a situation happen where you need a Home Warranty issued....I HIGHLY recommend that you DO NOT USE AMERICAN HOME SHIELD. After you read below, you will see why. Keep in mind, this exchange was only AFTER weeks of frustration and lack of communication or resolution of any kind with AMERICAN HOME SHIELD......SEE BELOW

Sharonda J.Hello. How may I help you?

Guest I put a work order in on 7/20/15, for the repair of my refrigerator. Sears was the contractor on this repair. They never followed up and took care of my repair. I have called AHS multiple times, spent more than 2 hours on the telephone and I have emailed AHS twice with NO RESPONSE from AHS for days. How do I get things done with you??

The last time I called, I asked to speak to a Customer Service Supervisor and was told to hold. I held on my phone for 35 min before I hung up

Sharonda J.Please give me a moment to look into that for you, thank you in advance for your patience,

Guest When I went online, my order had been canceled. The rep told me that Sears had not reported on the service correctly and that AHS was awaiting Sears. Sears sucks on this has been a nightmare

Sharonda J.What is your property address or contract number to access your contract?

Guest ????? ????? Circle, Port Charlotte, FL. My contract number is ???????????

I just put another service request in this morning, because when I looked, the previous request from 7/20/15 was gone.

Sharonda J.Looking at the notes from Sears they stated the work order was cancelled at the door. I am showing that the new work order placed is hte frig only, would you like me to add the ice maker on as well?

Guest Listen.....I want to speak to someone other than a Customer Service Rep. How do I escalate this issue? I have sent two emails over the past 2 weeks to AHS and I have never received a call or any type of response. I am fed up with all this run around. Sears repair was in my house, looked that the refrigerator and told me that they needed to speak with AHS. Just two days ago, I spoke to an AHS rep who told me that AHS was waiting for Sears to respond appropriately. NOTHING is getting done.

Sharonda J.Unfortunately from chat we don't have access to management. If you would like a supervisor or a call back from one you would have to call customer service at 800-776-4663.

Guest I paid for this warranty and I expect better service from AHS. If I can't talk to a supervisor today, I will have my attorney contact one should have to go through what I am going through wit you people

Who answers this number?

Sharonda J.Customer serivce, you have to request to speak to a supervisor and if one is not available they will have one to contact you back.

Guest WHY is no one contacting me? I have requested this via telephone and email more than twice by mail and 3 or 4 times via telephone

Are you telling me that there is no way NOW to speak to a Supervisor or to escalate this call

I just called that number and it is the same situation and answering machine as the first number

Sharonda J.Again, for a supervisor you will have to call customer serivce, chat is not phone based. The supervisors have to take the calls in the order they are received and if one is not available one will call you back.

Guest What is the telephone number for the corporate management office

Sharonda J.You will have to call customer and speak to a supervisor there to escalate the process. That is the only number we are provided.

Guest I am not ***. I have worked wth large corporations my entire life and you are telling me that there is no way to contact a corporate officer?

Do you work for AHS? or are you a contractor

Sharonda J.I work for AHS. The only number that is provided for customer serivce issue escalations is the general customer serivce number and upon speaking to a representative request a supervisor.

Guest Who is responsible for responding to emails sent to AHS via your online Contact US?

Sharonda J.We have a small group who forwards the emails to the appropriate department the emails are addressed to.

Guest Who can I talk to about why my emails have not been addressed?

I asked specifically in both emails to have a Supervisor contact me. I have received Nothing

Sharonda J.We are in our peak season and the emails are addressed and cycled in with the calls. I can't say when they are distributed and where in the stack of call back requests they may be. Again when you call and speak to a supervisor you can address this issue with them as well.

Guest Sharonda....I understand you are trying to do your job as instructed, but I have called those numbers and requested Supervisors, only to be put on hold for 35 and 40 min at a time, never being able to speak to a Supervisor. No Company operates like this.....there has to be someone that YOU work for?

Sharonda J.In chat we don't have access to management. The average wait time currently is 30-45 minutes. If you call early morning or later in the evening the wait times are much shorter than mid morning and mid day.

Guest the person you work for is not at your location? Is that what you aren telling me?

Who manages you folks

Sharonda J.For you issue you need to speak to a customer service supervisor. The only way to accomplish that is to call the general number. We apologize for your inconvenience but that is the only option at this time.

Guest You know, I am saving these exchanges for my attorney and to post on Facebook....No one will believe this....

Sharonda J.It’s unfortunate I was not able to address your issue , is there anything else I can assist or answer for you today?

Guest Yes, there is a lot more you could do to address my issue......

Sharonda J.I can assist with account status, updating account information, coverage inquiries, service work order cancellations and placing recalls. Which of these can I help with?

Guest responsible for for Resolving Service Issues?

Guest What I am asking is.....what is the difference between what you do and the people at the telephone number that I call?

Sharonda J.Customer serivce handles all customer needs and concerns and chat can assist with account status, updating account information, coverage inquiries, service work order cancellations and placing recalls.

Guest in a situation where a Customer, like myself, has tried numerous times, spent hours on the telephone, sent emails, each asking for someone to contact them, and nothing happens. The only recourse is to continue to do the same thing....over and over....and that there is no escalation opportunity when things are not working, other than going thru the people who are not working?

Sharonda J.I understand your frustration and truly empathize with your upset, however any escalations have to be done thru customer serivce. When you call I suggest saying "representative" to bypass the automated system so you go to the hold que to speak to someone. There will still be a wait because it is the peak of summer, but someone will come on the line.

Guest Sharonda.....I have also done that too. I appreciate the time you have taken with me, but I think you can see, it only ads to the frustration that I feel. Have a nice day....I know you are just trying to do your job. But I will tell you that AMERICAN HOME SHIELD really SUCKS as a company.......Again that YOU, Sharonda for being to patient and kind...

Sharonda J.My Pleasure. . Have a great day, goodby

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