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This is Sejal Mehta. Please NEVER EVER take warranty from American Home Shield (AHS).

We came back from vacation on November 22nd at 11 pm and as soon as we entered home, we heard water dripping sound and water was on the floor. We heard the sound from water heater, so we realized there must be leakage there. We immediately turned off water supply to the house. We called American Home Shield at 11 pm and told them the emergency situation.

They said some service provider will call us by 6 am next morning November 23rd. No one called us hence I called AHS again at 8 am on Friday morning November 23rd. They said a service provider will call in next 2 hours. They didn’t.

They provided service provided number hence I directly called service provider, they said we will come today. I asked for the time and they said we will let you know. I called ASH at noon as service provide didn’t provide me any time. AHS said again, service provider will get back to you.

I called service provide few times and eventually they came at 4 pm and verified that water heater needs to be replaced and they will come at 9 am next day which is 24th November. On 24th November at 8:30 am, service provide called and he said he couldn’t buy a new water heater as AHS assigned stores are closed today in this area. So I said there are other stores like Home Depot and all which are very close to my home but he said we can’t use any other store to buy except AHS approved stores and he said, we can’t fix it till Tuesday. By this time, we already stayed in a hotel for 2 nights as we had to close complete water supply to our home.

No one is going to reimburse us for that hotel cost. And how AHS’s provide is saying they can’t fix it till Tuesday as AHS approved stores are closed today. It means 3 more nights of stay in hotel which is going to cost us a lot. I called AHS again at 9 am on 24th November, after 25 minutes of hold time, someone picked up and I described my situation and I asked for authorization so that I can reach out outside service contractor and get it reimbursed.

They said hold for a moment, and I was kept on a hold again my called again went to someone totally new so I had to explain my situation again. That person did the same thing after listening to me and put me on hold for 3rd new person to pick up. System was telling me my hold time is 20 minutes. By this time, it was already 45 minutes on call and I got frustrated as they tossed my call from one person to another and they didn’t try to solve at all.

It left me with no choice then I have to get my own service provide and pay for it. Basically, they want me to give up so that they are off the hook.

They are money sucking company who doesn’t provide service and doesn’t follow its own contract. At this point, my husband called at 10:30 am again today and he is since on call with ASH for last 2 hours and they still haven’t provided any authorization to us so that we can find outside contractor.

I promise that I will go to business bureau and consumer court with this complain.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Water Heater Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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It is Thanksgiving holiday for most everyone. It is unfortunate that you had a water heater leak on Thanksgiving, and there are many plumbing companies available for a premium charge.

Home warranties do not allow an extra charge or any other incentive for after hour emergencies. In fact, the cost per claim limit forced on their plumbers takes away any incentive to take the call during normal business hours. You will be out of pocket as much or more using the AHS plumber as you would if you call a retail plumber who is available. AHS will not cover all these costs.

It is not their fault your tank leaked on a holiday, nor is it their fault that your shutoff valve on the water heater has failed, or that you had to shut off the whole house. Why don’t YOU go to Home Depot, buy a water heater, and call a local plumber to install it? No more hotel, phone calls, waiting and frustration! Whether AHS reimburses you or not should be irrelevant to your decision to remedy the situation.

They aren’t going to give you much money anyway, if any. A water heater replacement should cost between $900-1500. Google how much does a water heater cost and see for yourself. AHS is only going to cover about $400 if that.

You are spending that much on a hotel. Cancel the home warranty and learn who to call in your area for home repairs.

Find local small businesses to deal with. Don’t switch to another home warranty company because AHS is the best and they all suck.


Dude, the issue is not about Thanksgiving holiday. You can just Google and you will find that AHS is _always_ bad with customer service.

Don't trust me? just call them up during non-peak hours or holidays. They are always slow. Anyways, I've the recording of the call with them and it is 2 hours and 45 minutes long (no joke) and it CLEARLY proves that they ILLEGALLY denied us using an out of the network service provider.

The representative kept citing sections from the contract and I was able to prove to her that the cited section doesn't apply. >Why don’t YOU go to Home Depot, buy a water heater, and call a local plumber to install it? No more hotel, phone calls, waiting and frustration! Whether AHS reimburses you or not should be irrelevant to your decision to remedy the situation.

That is what we did - we found someone who did the job.

The unethical and illegal thing that AHS did to was to deny us using an out of the network service provider- and they know it. The Internet is full of such examples of their callous and irresponsible service


Even if it wasn’t a holiday, AHS doesn’t pay a plumber more than the flat rate of $125, including the water heater. That is the REAL issue.

Not when it happened. It just became more of an urgency because the AHS plumber did not want to do the job on the holiday, frankly, because he doesn’t get paid enough by AHS on any day of the week, much less a holiday. You are missing the point. Even if you had gone with the AHS proposal of letting the AHS plumber replace the water heater, they only pay $125 to their plumber and he is supposed to provide the water heater.

They will settle with you for way less than what a water heater replacement actually costs, and penalize the plumber for you cashing out. They wanted you to wait until regular business hours and pay the out of pocket expenses i.e. non-covered items, such as code upgrades. Sounds like you didn’t even get that report from AHS yet or you would be hopping mad about that.

Usually, when the AHS plumber replaces a water heater, the customer will have $500 in out-of-pocket “modifications” their plumber has to come up with in order to cover his expenses, since AHS is only paying him $125.

If the plumber charges AHS more, he will get fired by AHS and won’t be getting any more calls from them. Please share how much you ended up paying the alternative plumber for the replacement, including the water heater.

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