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It took 3 weeks after the initial assessment by the contractor for AHS to tell me that they can't do anything. It would've taken a lot longer had I not been calling AHS daily for the last week of it.

This company is eager to collect your service fee but will leave you hanging with the actual repair. This has occurred twice for me. My electrical issue and the lack of response from AHS has left me sitting on exposed wires beneath the house for 3 weeks which is a fire hazard. Had I known that they were not going to fix the item, I would've had this resolved a lot sooner by contacting an independent electrician.

When I had submitted the service request, I specifically told the representative the exact problem to make sure it was a "covered item" and the rep proceeded to tell me that they could fix the issue. And here I am in a situation where I was robbed of another $75 for NOTHING. And the issue has yet to be resolved because AHS sat on their *** for 3 weeks while I had to live with this fire hazard. It took them over a month to do a dry wall patch after a leak was fixed a few months ago, and again this was after calling them every day to get them to fix the issue.

And each phone call requires a wait time of 30 mins to 1 hr. What a waste.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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The only way to put them out of business would be for consumers to stop buying these home warranty plans. They do not promise any solution timeframe.

There are no promises made about what’s going to happen in the case of denial when you place your service request. “The electrical system is covered” is not the same thing as “the failure with your electrical system is covered”. Animal damage to the electrical system, for example, is not covered, even though the electrical system is covered. A denial is the best scenario for AHS and the contractor, because the contractor gets paid the same exact amount as if he had replaced everything.

The average cost per ticket cap imposed by AHS on the contractors ensures that service will be minimal. There is no financial reward to the electrician who goes into a fit of repairs and replacement. The only motivation he has in the home warranty field is more calls—higher call volume. The higher the call volume, the less money he is likely to lose on the claims that are not denied.

Education of their customers and the general public to this fact does no good.

It only causes ignorant and desperate customers to dig in harder into this insane, dysfunctional relationship. If you want to put home warranty companies out of business, stop buying their bs policies, people.

to Anonymous #1577981

Totally agree... this policy was not purchased by myself, but the seller of the property. I would NEVER recommend this warranty to anyone and I will not be submitting any claims, despite my "coverage".

to PartialFalcon #1578006

Realtors, home inspectors and homesellers are guilty as heck of using these dubious home warranty policies to gloss over pre-sale concerns and alleviate homebuyers with cold feet. The home inspection process is a complete sham as well.

Home inspectors have no experience in one actual trade (let alone several trades) or they failed in their performance of an actual trade; they have no liability in their worthless opinion; and most importantly, they would not cause the loss of a home sale even if they recognized an issue, due to the fact that they are recommended by realtors and they represent the sale, not the buyer or seller. Buyers need to beware of the home inspection and home warranty sham perpetrated by the process recommended by realtors whose interest is in closing home sales.

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