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i wish i had seen this website years ago, maybe it would have saved me a lot of money. american home shield is a scam!

i currently have a leaky hot water heater in my basement, which is filled with china, electronics, clothes, papers, etc. and any day now my heater could burst leaving me with a consiberable amount of home and property damage.

in the meantime, american home shield is hiding behind some new laws, where they want me to come up with about $700.00 to payment their contractor to replace my existing heater. the heater itself is about $500.00 dollars, which doesn't make sense to me.

so, i've had to take the lesser of the two evils and take the cash out. which still leaves me to deal with the problem alone, i.e., find my own contactor to install the heater and take time off my precious job to handle all of this, and i'm a woman alone and don't have the foggest idea as to what i'm dealing with. that's why i paid AMS for over 8 years to not to have to deal with this at all.

my so done! my next stop is the better business bureau and the consumer protection agency....something has to be done about the way they conduct their business.

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contractors have to charge extra's because AMH does not pay them squat to start with. Most decent legit companies will not do work for home warranty companies, because the proper wages are not paid


I disagree. they did the same to me.

I used my own contractor and had a new one installed for 600 dollars. This included the new heater and all upgrades.

Homeshield is a scam. They only send Russian contractors who are shady.


The contractors usually tack on a lot of "code upgrades" and fees for obtaining city or state permits. One charge is for disposal of your old water heater.

They won't let you handle that yourself normally.

That's how the contractors make their money. American Home Shield often has nothing to do with these charges.

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