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I have had AHS for several years but the last couple of years have been very disheartening! My last service requests have not been completed but AHS faithfully drafted a total of $300 out of my account.

When the technician comes out to alledgely repair my appliance they tell me have to contact AHS and they’ll get back with me but I never hear from them or AHS. When I call AHS they tell me they still haven’t received the work order from the tech. Then I call the tech and the company tells me the work order has been submitted and of course AHS has already drafted the $109 co-pay from my account.

This has happened with my last two requests. I will be canceling my contract immediately!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The reason this is happening here is that the contractors only get paid for coming out to diagnose. Then the repair is on them, at their own expense.

The only motivation the service tech has is to get a new dispatch and go see what’s wrong. Then, he tries to find a loophole in the coverage so that it’s going to be a claim denial or non-covered items for the customer to pay for. If that’s not the case, and there is no way for a denial or out of pocket expenses to the homeowner, then the repair order just sort of gets lost, because the contractor will not get any more money from AHS or the customer, yet everyone expects him to fix it at his own expense. That’s fine if it’s a quick fix, not requiring any expensive parts or hours of labor.

Quick easy fixes, such as flipping a breaker, Securing loose wires, etc rarely fix anything because surely the homeowner would have done that already. Usually the type of repair tickets that get “lost” are control boards, motors, switches, sensors, etc. On those types of repairs, the parts alone will use up all the $109 deductible you paid plus some, and guess who gets to pay for that??? The contractor, NOT AHS.

The contractor is not allowed to pass the remaining costs to AHS because he will be removed from the list of AHS service providers. Ever wonder why the list of AHS service vendors is so short, and none of the reputable companies in your area are on that list? The AHS contractors are getting ripped off. Calling AHS about this does no good and will only get your local vendor in trouble with AHS.

If they get a new local vendor, they will treat them the same way, as long as they don’t have to pay more than your service fee to ANYBODY. Customers will still use a home warranty after learning this, and desperate contractors will still work for these awful customers and even worse home warranty companies, so there is no point in complaining.

The only way to put them out of business is to stop using home warranties. Otherwise, why would AHS just decide to be generous and pay the companies what it cost to fix your junk?

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