I am right now 1 1/2 months waiting on getting a heating element replaced in my dishwasher! I have been with them nearly 20 years and they were always on time and quality in getting things done....UNTIL now!

I don't know if they sold out to another company or whatever, but this is wrong the way they are treating customers now. You are no longer able to talk to an American representative, all correspondence is directed oversees to an Asian country. You are given the SAME scripted answers with zero results. The present contractor that they have issued my repair with, Mr Fix It always has a Full voice box...so it is impossible to leave a message.

Therefore, you can never speak to anyone or get any update on your repair process.

I will have to be done with them if this is the poor customer service that is now their normal. It is ashamed too, they were once a good company!

User's recommendation: Do NOT contract with AHS.

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