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I have been AHS customer for several years now. Service up to this point has been pretty good.

I submitted a request for service on October 15, 2020 to get refrigerator ice maker repaired. This was the 3rd time I was requesting a repair for the same issue. AHS ordered the parts and service provider came out 3 weeks later to repair on 11/08. Wrong parts were ordered.

Request was made to AHS to order correct parts on 11/10. Parts were finally ordered on 12/8(may be off a day or two on that). No communication from AHS to service provider on status of parts. I started calling in mid January to find out when parts would in.

I was told initially it would be Oct 2021 before would be available. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I am told there is no one else to speak with. I am told on 1/25 that my case is being escalated by cust service person.

I should hear back from escalation department in 24-48 hours via phone or email. Nothing in 48 plus hours. I call back 1/27. I am told by another cust service rep that there is nothing else she can do.

she told me she could put me on a call back list. I should hear from someone within 24 hours. I call back 24 hours later on 1/28. I speak with a gentleman who id'd himself as mraagaf, maybe it was supposed to be Mr AAgaf.

I am not sure. I didn't speak to anyone I could clearly understand in any of my calls. He said nothing about my case had been escalated and he supposedly filled out the escalation forms while I was on the phone. Mr A said I will hear something back via email in 4 hours.

Nothing. Mr A also said that repair orders that go over 21 days should receive full replace if part cannot be found. News to me. I call back again on 1/29 and go thru my story again for the 4th time that week.

I am told a supervisor, who previously did not exist, will call me back within the hour. Nothing. I call again on 2/1 my call gets to a supervisor because I refused to get off the phone without getting some answers. I end up speaking to someone named Ariann who tells me that my part should be into the supplier by 2/8 but will not be delivered to the service provider for 5-6 weeks.

So I am now looking at the end of March before my ice maker is repaired. That is a total of 5.5 months to get repair done. I ask if the supplier could be contacted and ask to expedite my parts. Ariann said they could do that but they currently cant and wont do this.

I ask for the name of the supplier. She would not provide that information either. I was offered a cash option today. 4 months in and they offer a cash option for the repair.

AHS should have contacted me in November when they knew the part was going to be 3 months out and asked if I wanted to wait or to find a repair service on my own. This whole experience could have been so much better if AHS had just communicated with me upfront about the lenght of time that was going to be needed to get their parts. I could have looked for another service provider to fix my issue. Their cust.

service line needs work. They are hard to understand, they have no authority to assist in anyway, they push back and push back till you become irate then they escalate you to supervisor. When they say they will call back or you should expect a call back that never happens. No one there knows what call back means.

This has been one of the worst cust experiences I have had in some time. I will not continue to spend my money with someone who does not value the customer and does/will not communicate with the customer.

User's recommendation: If you expect reliable, fast service and communication on your repairs I would look at other home warranty companies. This one is not for you.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Refrigerator Repair.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

American Home Shield Cons: No vendor oversight, Lack of communication on repair orders.

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Have been the same issue regarding a dryer that needs fixed or replaced. The customer service is terrible, and I was told pretty much the same thing by customer service.

I have been dealing with this since 11/20/20, and cannot get anywhere. Even tried to call the corporate office, and the parent company which is Frontdoor and can not reach anyone.

Filed a complaint with the BBB, and will continue to fight the company until they fulfill the terms of the contract. I don't want anyone else to be scammed by these people.

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