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On or about August 17, 2018, a complaint was filed with American Home Shield concerning a leaking hot water heater. A plumbing company rep.was dispatched to inspect the problem.

The rep. informed me that the water heater needed to be replaced. This after I informed him that I still had hot water and on two occasions during the pe twenty plus that the water heater had gone bad that we had no hot water. He assured me that the water heater was bad and had to be replaced.

On August 21,2018, my wife called to follow up on the repair. She was informed that there needed to be more than $800.00 worth of modifications done to install a new water heater. If we did not agree to pay for the modifications,our claim would be denied. I called the service center number which my wife had called in an attempt to understand what was being said.

I spoke with a representative for whom english was not a first language and I had difficulty understanding her. I came to understand that if I didn't agree to the $800.00 plus dollars in modifications, my claim would be denied. I attempted to explain that the cost of the modifications was more than the cost of premium water heater and installation. I requested a copy of the findings which was used to justify the modifications.

My claim status went from pending to denied according to the representative with whom I was speaking. I went on line and contacted a local plumbers who is licensed and explained my situation. He agreed to come out and examine the water heater and stand by his findings,up to and including court testimony. The plumber came out the following day examined the water heater and found that fittings at the top where the line is tied into the water heater was leaking.

The repair, including the service fees was less than $200.00. The flooded water in the laundry room was vacuum up. I called the plumbing company that had submitted the initial findings,requesting a copy of their findings. The company with whom I spoke readily agreed to put a copy in the mail the same day.

To date it has not been received. After the repairs to the water heater which I paid for, I again got flooding in the laundry room. I called the plumber and described what happened adding that I suspected that drain from the washing machine. I did another load of laundry and stayed in the laundry room and watched the drain.

When the water started to drain, I got a flood in laundry room. The following day,the same plumbers came back out and snaked the drain pipe out. Total cost of the fix was less than $300.00 and did not entail a water heater replacement. This total experience was a horror story of errors,starting with the plumbing firm retained by American Home Shield to diagnose the problem initially.

Their follow-up was nonexistent.

The representative said that the company had no responsibility to advise me on the status of my claim. This after more than a week with a problem with a water heater,which is an essential appliance.

I would appreciate a refund of the $100.00 that you debited from my account especially since the plumber misdiagnosed the condition.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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The takeaway here is that using a home warranty saved you neither time nor money. The delays caused further damage to your home, none of which they are responsible for. In the end, you handled the situations yourself, which is always the most expedient way.

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