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Called them and they said it would be 24 to 48 hours for someone to schedule a appointment in the mean time we have a spring and that leak would have drained water we called another contractor they came right away my question is why can’t they pay them instead of someone they had I am very disappointed in there service

Product or Service Mentioned: Miller Pipeline Water Pipe Line Installation.

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Good question, and HERE is the answer: the AHS preferred contractors have an agreement with AHS: in exchange for ALL of the AHS service calls in a 150 mile radius, this poor guy is going to make $100 per claim REGARDLESS of what work he does or how much it costs him for labor, parts and materials. How much did your dude charge?

My guess is it was over $100. AHS is getting a heck of a deal. Only problem is, you have to wait. Oh, and face the possibility of a claim denial, WHICH STILL nets the AHS contractor the same $100 he would get if he fixed it up in a jiffy.

He is killing himself working, because at $100 per pop, he is never going to catch up.

Your dude has more time to breathe, because he is in less demand. Make sense????

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