This is the 3rd complaint I have filed....Next will go to BBB ..I called for a simple water filter faucet replacement on 9/7/20. The first contractor set up never called, so I contacted them..The guy gave a sad story about his building being struck by lightning and health issues in his family.

He requested I contact AHS and request another contractor which I did. The 2nd contractor showed up- looked at the leak and said that AHS would not cover a faucet for under the counter water filter.. REALLY! I am requesting my $75.00 refunded to my bank account due to lack of service.

THIS IS OBSURD.. The entire water system costs (NEW) 158.00 at lowes and AHS won't cover a simple faucet.. To add insult to injury, your CS person Angel said she would look into this 3 days ago and assured me she would call back still no call! Poor CS and Poor service will win you no customers.

I am going to contact BBB if this matter isn't resolved in a timely manner.

Furthermore, I will contact my real estate agent who offers these contracts and file a complaint! INo

User's recommendation: No I would not recommend this service.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I contacted BBB and they did absolutely NOTHING. BBB has always been responsive in the past but not this time. I have no idea what BBB's problem is/was, but contacting them might not give you any satisfaction when dealing with AHS.


That’s because the BBB has ZERO POWER to do anything. They are not the business police you consumers wish to assume they are.

They are a “pay for a grade” organization. Pay their membership fee and you to can have an A+ rating. The taliban has an A+ rating!!!!! Once it became clear to the BBB that consumers will lie through their teeth to get their way they stopped trying.

Like it or not you are simply a victim of the shenanigans other consumers have pulled over the years. There is no outside agency that is going to hold the business accountable for whatever wrongs you think they may have committed.

You either work with them or you no longer do business with them. That’s how it goes.

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