Las Vegas, Nevada
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I am so disgusted with this place its horrible!! I have four (4) problems so far that they either lied on paper work saying they did something they didn't .

I still today have the same exact problem.

1. Kitchen Faucets and Bathroom Faucets (leaks) whenever I put in on positions. Water all over counter.

First company they sent said (DON'T PRESS SO HARD). Called again..sent out a totally different company . wrote on paper work replacing the whole unit..(they did Not..) they used a wretch like the other man to tighten it. and left..

Mind you I had a Co pay just to get them to come was $150 for both, not including the monthly amount of almost &140.00 for two mo. #2 I was getting a Bad noice, very loud coming from my frige/ freezer, $77.00 more Co pay to find out the platic fan fell off one half min later her was out the door. I said your actually going to make me pay all that, I mean that would almost fill his truck full of gas for goodness sake. # 3 My light and a big crack in my micro, knowing if it didnt cover why did they come out to get my $75.00 then.

#4 my gargbage dispsosal was humming they came out for another $ 75.00 and told me they found something round and small like inside, so refused to cover and then looked at my dishwasher which was not draining. They said that it need a handle that was outside of the dishwasher and said didnt have the part on truck, be right back, 2 hours later he came back with the part charged $75.00 and left. This place is the biggest rip off in the world and because I really dont know who to use, I am beginning to think it might be less expensive to hire a handy man. I called them to raise my price to a Part to part instead of just basic service because I got so sick of hearing, well this isnt covered, that is not covered, well when you get a better sevices that covers more even if you have to pay more in the long run its worth it..

This company told me they dont even pay for your appliaces to be replaced to what you have, but its simunular, but not nec, even the same brand name..and also dont even cover if you have a water softener even if I have the most imp service. when I called them regaring water running continus behind my washing machine, and why all my clothes are being ripped up..I mentioned I bought a better service plan, she said Our prices raised thats why you are paying much more..that topped it for me..I called them, I did not get no notice regarding a price increased by mail, it was by me wanting a better ins. Since 2,009 all that monet I have been paying mo to mo, then on top of that never fixing anything and still having to pay for them to com is so bad..I must leave Do you know how much money I would have if I put all that money away every mo?

alot 5 years already fixing nothing exect a 3.00 plasic handle... biggest reason having it to begin with is anyones biggest worry, watter or air conditioning going for thousands and when your on a fixed income like me from disability who can afford it, and My mom needs air bbecause of cronic COPD breathing problem, must get air.I am vey upset for not oppening a lawsuit involving this place...I would have been first in line and if I still have time to join it Please Laqwyer..Call me...702-267-0702...Please..Diane Horton

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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