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Update by user Jan 05

insurence for home repaire

Original review posted by user Jan 04

I called for a heater repair and they sent a company out, who replaced the motherboard in the heater. That company had to return because it was still not working and they recommended replacement.

AHS sent 2nd Company , who replaced the mother board a (which took them 2 visits) and still didn't work.. were called back and then they replaced gas valve and said heater putting Co2 into houses. AHS sent 3rd company out who said that gas valve is wrong one and no Co2 but to much oxygen. so here we are today with AHS sending 2nd company back out to fix gas valve an offer for reimbursement for space heaters up t 150.00 (which you cant run at night when its coldest of have on when gone..

2nd co, cant come until 9th of January want to bet no heat all winter.

During the month and half of no heat the dryer quit and I called and then had to call company they sent myself to gat a appointment and it was several days out.

I called AHS and they found a co, that could come in timely manner and then canceled that appointment for no reason on day of service at 645am without even a courtesy call and after hold for over an hour no explanation..

The time off work for all of this is huge and time on hold averaged an hour each time.. Still no resolution on either case.

Product or Service Mentioned: Furnace Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: It seemed like a great company at first.

I didn't like: Placated to and transfered and hung up on, Customer service.

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The furnace needs replacing. They’re trying to string it along until springtime.

You will not like to hear this, but the reason they can’t seem to get it together is because your furnace is not costing AHS anything. The contractors (all 3 of them) are spending their own money trying to get your furnace working as cheaply as possible, but you know it needs to be replaced, and they know it needs to be replaced. The problem with home warranties is that the contractors they use only get home warranty work (because their reputation gets shot the longer they work with home warranties—how do you feel about recommending them? And if you had money you wanted to spend on a new furnace, would you hire any of these 3?) You are probably livid with all 3 contractors, and telling everyone who will listen.

But the each of 3 contractors are playing hot potato with your work order, trying to pass the costs on to one of the other 2. If a claim denial possible from the beginning, the first contractor would have gone that route. Maybe they tried getting AHS to deny the claim but AHS decided to “cover” it. Now you are the hot potato.

Somebody is going to have to pay a crappload of money to replace every part in your furnace one at a time, but it won’t be AHS. It will be the contractor who runs out of excuses last. The runaround game can last until spring. How much does punishing the contractors appeal to you?

They get paid a flat rate sughtly above what your set service fee was. And it does t matter how many trips and parts they use—it is their requirement by AHS in order to stay on the list. The one with the lowest average cost per claim is usually their primary vendor. AHS Call volume is determined by AHS Contractor Relations.

It’s a political nightmare, that you, the consumer, are feeding with your premiums. AHS gets the premiums every month, but spends nothing on you, but instead sends you contractors to fight it out and pass the problem around. They will all deny it if you ask any of them, if they want to keep their gig going with AHS. They are slaves and drones for AHS, because the angry warranty customers ensure that they can’t operate amongst regular paying customers.

They just rely on a ton of calls coming in and hope that more of them will be “quick fixes with no parts needed”. Unfortunately, the equipment AHS “covers” is worn out Frankenstein garbage, or else why would anyone pay for a home warranty? If it was new or even well-maintained, quick fixes might be possible, but ALL home warranty customers are literally hoping their equipment will die, and as soon as they get all new equipment, they plan to cancel the warranty.

Would love to hear someone else chime in on this. Especially any of their contractors.


You should have saved the money spent on the scurrilous vendor and simply handled your own repairs. It is insane to be held hostage by some bogus "warranty" (read : sleazy insurance company) when you could have been warm and happy while supporting local business.

There is no rational reason to insert a 3rd party between you and the efficiency of your home operation. Your jobs are grudgingly being subcontracted to the lowest bidder and poorly coordinated by a bored, grumpy out of state insurance adjuster type mentality while you, having already paid these people likely enough moolah to fix whatever trouble you're having, suffer.

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