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I am a genuinely concerned and upset client, who feels that American Home Shield has cheated me and have inconvenienced me so much that it is at a point of abuse and torture.

Is this a standard business practice of AHS to misguide, cheat and abuse clients?

Here is my case and you decide if it clearly not an incompetency and inability to run a company like this.

June 10th my refrigerator stopped working, the no cold water, no ice and food worth over $250 gone bad.

June 12th (2 days without refrigerator in peak summer heat)

Filled out the online service request for my refrigerator to be repaired.

June 16th (4 days without refrigerator in peak summer heat)

Service technician Niko comes in to diagnose the fault. Tells he is going to order the required parts.

June 18th (6 days without refrigerator in peak summer heat)

Email notification that parts have been ordered.

June 25th (13 days without refrigerator in peak summer heat)

Service technician Niko comes and install the damage parts.

Assures that all is fixed.

June 26th (14 days without refrigerator in peak summer heat)

I go to grocery store and stock up food to refrigerator worth $400. Happy and hoping that the aggravation and inconvenience of without a refrigerator is over.

July 5th (23 days without refrigerator in peak summer heat)

Refrigerator dies again. No cooling and food started to go bad. Make a call to the Universal 1 Repairs Inc and suggest that it is all good unplug the refrigerator for 24 hours, so that I can start on a new cycle.

In the meantime, my $400 worth of new groceries are spoiled and non-consumable.

July 6th (24 days without refrigerator in peak summer heat)

I restart the refrigerator and it seems to work again and I go out and buy more groceries. Remember that I am a family of 5, so we need constant food fill-ups. This time a little skeptical, based on the previous history of incompetency of service, I buy only $100 worth of food.

July 7th (25 days without refrigerator in peak summer heat)

Refrigerator dies again, no cooling. Food goes bad again.

This time I call Universal Repairs 1 with a lot of frustration. I get the same response, it is all good, your refrigerator needs to catch up to a cycle. Trust me we deal with this all the time, they said. Having no choice, I did what I was told.

July 11th (29 days without refrigerator in peak summer heat)

The refrigerator dies on me again.

No cooling. Groceries worth $200 are bad again. I call Universal 1 Repairs and they said, oh well my work order has been closed, as successfully completed.

If you need further assistance you need to make another service request with American Home Shield. I felt cheated.

July 13th (31 days without refrigerator in peak summer heat)

I submit a new service request online and await confirmation

July 14th (32 days without refrigerator in peak summer heat)

Received confirmation that AHS has received my service request

July 17th (35 days without refrigerator in peak summer heat)

Service technician Niko comes and diagnoses the fault.

He says and I quote “I do not know what is wrong with this refrigerator, there is no way to fix this problem, so we are going to do trial and hit and keep on changing the parts, until something works. It may take a week or 6 months, I do not how much longer”. Again Quote “Eventually I will declare the refrigerator as dead and then you will call AHS to get a new replacement refrigerator”.

I ask him that if you are so confident that you will declare the refrigerator dead, why can’t you do it now?

He said, again quote “Don’t we have to make money, we make money each time we come out for a service call”. I cannot simply declare the refrigerator dead and lose all potential billing to AHS.

This is how warranties work.

It was your mistake to buy a warranty in the first place.

You should have purchased anew refrigerator.

He left stating that he must order new parts for the refrigerator, and I will be notified once the parts are in.

July 31st (47 days without refrigerator in peak summer heat)

Received an email confirmation that the parts have been ordered and I will be notified when they arrive

August 26th (73 days without refrigerator in peak summer heat)

It is today, still no notification on the part status or repair status.

Is this how AHS cater to customers?

Are you a fraud?

Are you a cheat?

73 days without refrigerator in peak summer heat

$1,000 worth of food gone waste because of AHS incompetency and inability to handle complaints.

Should I file a lawsuit? Maybe start working on a class action suit, as I bet there maybe hundreds more like me nationwide?

Maybe start posting this and future complaints on social media?

I will give you chance to explain your actions before I start taking mine!

User's recommendation: Do Not Fall into their Trap. AHS is Fraud!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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This is a perfect example of how ALL home warranties work. The repairman was telling you the truth, but instead of thanking him for not being a liar, you are still holding on to the claim and complaining, as if that is going to change the facts.

This is what we do, also. We Inform the Customer of the stipulations we work under, and then the customer leaves bad reviews and makes complaints to the home warranty and anybody who will listen. People threaten lawsuits, calling the news channels, and even bodily harm. Angry customers abound in home warranty work.

The contractors cannot help what AHS makes them do. AHS will deny everything, but they require the contractors to keep the average of all the work orders below a ridiculous monetary cap, or they are cut off from receiving more work orders. Don’t blame the contractor, but also don’t expect AHS to change. Why would they?

They Can just throw the contractor under the bus, and get a new startup repair guy to sign up As a vendor and begin anew. The previous contractor is then left with their business and reputation in ruins. AHS has been in the home warranty business longer than any other brand. This a method works for them, and that is all that matters.

Cancel the home warranty and save for appliance repairs and replacements. It’s a waste of time to fight with AHS.

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