I have had a contract since it came with my home purchase. I have had them repair a stove, a fridge, a microwave, an account furnace unit and install a water heater.

Every claim took multiple visits; Low quality repair people sent several times until you complain. To complain you sit on hold literally hours for days to talk to someone who you may not understand because of an accent. This person will stall you by reverifying all of your info each time you call, even if they cut you off and you call back. No one has authority to fix a problem but a supervisor, who you will hold another hour for.

If you succeed at pleading your case, they finally send a trained person who has experience with your brand. This costs them more, so they try to stall and avoid doing that in the hopes that you will tolerate incompetent techs or get fed up and cancel your policy. The water heater replacement came after several plumbers came and diagnosed wrong issues, replaced a good faucet with junk...a qualified plumber recognized debris stuck in new facet to be lining of failed hot water heater. New one installed.

I paid hundreds out of pocket for pipes etc to bring it up "to code". Those parts are not covered by the hotwater heater manufacturer, nor is the failure of them covered under the home warranty. The install sent by AHS told AHS that a leaking valve was not their part. The part is new, shiny with tags....photo below show a fraction of my less than 3 year old water heater.

The rust is not AHS problem. They chose the product, hired the install company, sent a different company to repair leak, sent install company when I insisted...after my plumber said it is rusting and needs replaced. No one is accountable. American Home Shield is supposed to be the better of these scam outfits.

Save your money.

Hire a reputable person and pay as you go. The money and time involved in trying to get them to do right isn't worth it

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Home Warranty.

Location: Arlington, Virginia

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