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Bottom Line. I'm a 64 year old senior on disability, who has been without Air Conditioning, IN FLORIDA since mid JULY!

Tomorrow is October 25th!!! ...and the seasons first cold front will cool things down before American Home Shield does! The policy was sold to me by the realtor who handled the purchase of my condo back in 2015. It seemed like a reasonable idea at the time.

However, when my 18 year old AC unit finally quit almost 2 years later, It took American Home Shield more than 2 weeks just to approve the replacement. Then the nightmare started... To begin with, the AHS approved installer, AAA All Brands Appliance, claimed that the only 'AHS approved' replacement air handler wouldn't fit the ceiling space provided in my home, (without even measuring it), and then claimed the installation of that oversized unit would require dry wall work that wasn't covered by my policy, not to mention an additional $350 for a county approved hurricane stand, that was already installed on my roof! In fact, the exact replacement air handler (First Company 24HX5) is both plentiful and locally available.

At one point, I even offered to buy the correct air handler! The installer, AAA All Brands Appliance finally agreed the AHS approved air handler 'might' fit. And during the 2nd week of August (a full month into the ordeal), AHS tried to get me to accept a buyout offer, which was half of what it would cost me to hire the lowest priced legitimate reliable contractor to replace my AC...and to provide THEM with a receipt of the finished job! It sounded sinister to me!

I refused that option, and requested they complete the A/C installation as promised. At one point AHS tried to deny my claim altogether, but backed down when Florida Power and Light proved no record of a disqualifying 'power surge' when the failure happened. Since then, I've had repeated installation appointments. And repeated phone calls.

AAA All Brands doesn't call back or show up when promised. Calls to the company go nowhere even at the supervisory level. Since the power came back on after Hurricane Irma in September...All I keep getting are empty promises. July to October is an unreasonably long time to wait for A/C in Florida.

Just to try and deny an insurance claim? It's inexcusable!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Wire CMI A/C and Electrical (561-844-1004) $3288. Cancel my policy and refund my premiums..

American Home Shield Cons: Leaving me out of service for an unknown amount of time.

  • Lack of performance
  • home warranty repairs
  • Long Waits
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On November 1, 2017 American Home Shield informed me that the air handler needed to replace my AC system would require an additional 16-18 weeks to acquire the necessary parts to replace my AC system, in spite of repeated promises by AAA All Brands Appliance never materialized. I finally had no choice but to find a reputable service contractor, and reluctantly accepted the AHS 'buy out' option that was $1,000 less than the actual cost to replace my AC system.

My chosen contractor had the necessary replacement parts in stock, and will replace my A/C system, tomorrow, November 7th, 2017.

While this issue is now officially 'resolved', I remain totally dissatisfied with AHS, and would advise anyone that the American Home Shield warranty is not worth the paper it is written on. AHS refused to return my premiums paid to date.

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