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We were customers for several years and received adequate coverage for awhile, until our microwave went out. AHS sent repair techs out who repairedit, but less than a year later it went out again and had to replace.

We wanted to change to a stainless steel microwave instead of our current white microwave. Although the manufacturer had a $50 upgrade charge AHS charged us $100 even after I objected.

Techs were incapable of installing and I had to make specific improvements.

Despite making the specified modifications they were still unable to install. We cancelled our service and hired a local handyman to complete the installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Monroe, Louisiana

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And that is why you don’t need a home warranty, folks! They are taking your money, and giving you a hard time.

This is just how it goes. If it sounds to goo to be true, it probably is! Why would this treatment be a surprise? And what would you like to accomplish with this complaint?

Would you like to see them out of business? You are the ones who bought this load of manure, and you don’t want other people to try their luck with it?

They are NOT going to change, and it matters not the state you are in, which appliance or system is broken, which home warranty company you bought your warranty with (AHS, Old Republic, etc) or which of their contractors they send to your home. Give up—it’s just a scam!!!

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