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If you need to cancel your contract with them, my suggestion is you contact your bank and cancel the debit card (or however method they are charging you) - that will get their attention (even though it's inconvenient for you).

I recently went through this same thing! On hold for anywhere from 30 minutes to over 1 hour without a live person ever picking up. NO MATTER what number you call you are on indefinite hold.

I ended doing 2 things:

#1 - Filling in their online form via: https://www.ahs.com/contact/ and there's a part at the bottom portion where they will "contact you" - biggest joke ever!!

#2 - Sending them a Certified Mail, Return Receipt letter cancelling the contract to their PO Box in Iowa.

We just got a letter in the mail - retroactively cancelling the contract on July 15 and telling us that there would was no refund due - even though we'd pay them for 30 days of service.

I agree with you 1,000% - their Customer Service is horrendous and all they care about is getting your money every month.

If you need a Home Warranty Company - go elsewhere!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Thank you for listing the address in which to send me letter! So many sites help with the "how" but not the "where." I was prepared to send a copy of the letter to three different addresses just to make sure someone got it!


There's no one pick up phone on the retention dept # 800-858-1922. The best way to cancel their policy is cancel your debit or credit card. It is impossible to get thought them.


Called billing to cancel, they needed to transfer me to retention. Waited on hold for about 5 mins, person came back and said "sorry, retention is experiencing high call volume and it's already past closing time so they aren't taking more calls." She said she would submit a cancellation request, I asked for an email confirm but she couldn't because it was only a request.

She gave me the retention dept's number (1-800-858-1922).

I called this immediately after hanging up, was on hold for about 30 seconds, spoke to someone and within 10 minutes my contract was cancelled. Hope this helps.


Stay AWAY from this company. I waited 1 hour just to talk to a rep.

I wanted to cancel my policy, and she hung up on me. I called back again, and she said her system was down. She told me to call back again. I waited another hour, and I asked to speak to a manager, and she said no manager was available.

I gave up, and I ended up buying a new washer. My husband is still trying to get our money back. 550 dollars for a one year policy, and 75 dollars for a copay for a service call.

Repairman did nothing. I think both companies are in it together to scam the customers.

to Kim #1555543

They are pretty good at it.


Was just looking to see if others were having similar experience with AHS. I have had the worst customer experience with this company.

It is so maddening. Always on hold, act like they are inconvenienced to talk to you.

Do not use this company. I will be cancelling my contract asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to jeff #1555440

Good luck in trying to cancel. We could not do it. They will come up with all kind of excuses to try to avoid cancellation.


They give you a bogus department # to retention. 866-427-2515.

says the customer has to fill out a form online and the call immediately hangs up. They are a big time scammers


I submitted a request to AHS online for my water heater. I live in NC and was assigned a contractor who's main office is in PA, with the only contact number being a PA phone number.

In addition, the contractor has no more than 2 stars in any review. I called AHS and, after being on hold for 30 minutes, I finally got to speak with someone who barely spoke English. I asked to have a contractor assigned who is in my area, per my contract. After much discussion and re-explanation, she asked me to hold while she canceled my first request, submitted another one and found a contractor in my area to assign.

When she returned she told me she had called the first contractor, that they have a plumber in Raleigh. First problem, she did not do what she said she was going to do. Second problem, their office is still over 6 hours away in a different state if there is a problem, which according to the reviews there will be. When I called her out on her lie, she first denied and said she did what she said she would.

After I spelled it out for her she acknowledged she did not do as she said she would. She asked to put me on hold so that she could do what she said she would do. When she returned she told me they would be at my home tomorrow between 9 and 1. Third problem, this time it was an outright lie - she did not do what she said.

Fourth problem, I'm not going to be home tomorrow. The she started to say she couldn't cancel the request without a valid reason, another lie. I could cancel the request simply by clicking on the "cancel request" button. She kept saying she needed a valid reason, so I clicked on the button and canceled the request.

The when I asked to open a new request and get a contractor in my area, per my contract, she kept going back to needing to have a valid reason to cancel my other request.

After over an hour of this, I finally hung up. I still have no one coming to fix my water heater!


An awful company to deal with.




Another step is to contact AHS Parent Company at www.servicemaster.com


I called american home shield and used the billing questions option and said "something else"... took me straight to a person within 2 minutes...

he wanted to transfer me but I asked him please dont is there anyway he could help me so I dont have to wait for 2 hrs on hold. He submitted a cancellation from, took my billing info off and gave me a order number.

I'm now waiting for a call to confirm from the cancellation department. Hope this helps


All the reviews below are true. I did experienced the same issue.

And remember that if you cancel before your contract ends AHS will charge 1 month fee as admin fee. And it took around 45 mins to get connected to customer service.


Thank you for your warning about American Home Shield. I am going through the same issue with them.

I've been trying to call them for over the past 4 days. I've waiting for HOURS on the phone and have called many times waiting and waiting before the line gets disconnected. I have no way to contact them in order to cancel my contract within the 30 day period. There is no way to leave a message on their website without "requesting" for service or a quote.

I am going to take your suggestion and write them a letter. Did they ever contact you back? Were you able to cancel without paying any cancellation fees? This is ridiculous how I can't even cancel because I can't even get through to their customer service.

I'm taking your suggestion to dispute the charge with my credit card. I've also reported them and made a complaint through BBB.


We all need to stand against this abuse. I called in 2016, and requested them to cancel, and on top of that they renewed my policy without notify me.

They say they will repair my A/C, and they did not cover anything and gave me an estimate of $5k. This is Insane

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