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If you need to cancel your contract with them, my suggestion is you contact your bank and cancel the debit card (or however method they are charging you) - that will get their attention (even though it's inconvenient for you).

I recently went through this same thing! On hold for anywhere from 30 minutes to over 1 hour without a live person ever picking up. NO MATTER what number you call you are on indefinite hold.

I ended doing 2 things:

#1 - Filling in their online form via: and there's a part at the bottom portion where they will "contact you" - biggest joke ever!!

#2 - Sending them a Certified Mail, Return Receipt letter cancelling the contract to their PO Box in Iowa.

We just got a letter in the mail - retroactively cancelling the contract on July 15 and telling us that there would was no refund due - even though we'd pay them for 30 days of service.

I agree with you 1,000% - their Customer Service is horrendous and all they care about is getting your money every month.

If you need a Home Warranty Company - go elsewhere!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Their service is the worst I have ever experienced with any companies over 30 years. They never tell you about this administrative fee of cancellation until you want to do it.

Where did this ridiculous fee come from.

It costs them that much to process cancellation? It is bad enough that their service is horrible and they try to make money from customers who wish to leave; it is simply a poor business model.


I totally agree! They are HORRIBLE!!!

I have sat on the phone two different times trying to cancel my policy, they keep giving me the run around saying that that department is busy, my supervisor is busy taking calls, and etc. and etc.

They kept coming back on the line saying the same thing and when I told them I would wait, they just keep on giving me different excuses of why they can't get me to someone who could cancel my policy. CROOKS!!!!!!!


Horrible customer service


very bad service with AHS. want to charge me 386.00 to un clog a pipe cash that's not covered under work was performed they still took the 100.00 out of my account just for coming out.i contacted my bank and did a stop payment on everything .contract is canceled!


They are the worst *** of the earth I can't even believe they're still in business they have a thousand plus complaints... I have a month-to-month contract with no set amount of time and they have the audacity to try to charge me $69 cancellation fee because I canceled before the time was up but there is no time I don't have an annual contract it's so illegal


I'm on hold right now. 2nd time around.

They are the worst! Go with any other warranty company, just not this one.


STAY AWAY...RUN FAST, RUN FAR. I have only been waiting on a refund since June, so far I've called 4 times, followed up with e-mail (for paper trail), as of this AM I need to wait until mid August. With such poor service they should be out of business.


I’ve been a customer for 13 yrs and also bought multiple contracts through them for our home buyers. American home shield has horrible customer service!

They now have a call center in India to boot! On the phone for total of around 6-7hrs to get hot water heater repaired. It’s still not repaired! They were trying to replace my 80 gallon with a 50 Gallon and wanted me to pay $1250 for code upgrades.

My plumber said they were bogus upgrades and along with their plumber the 50 gallon unit wasn’t big enough. I settled for a cash offer of $400 for me to replace my own h2o heater if I wanted to replace with correct size my house requires to heat bathrooms properly. The cheapest 80 gallon h2o heater is $1000. Their contract states repair or replace with equivalent capacity appliances.

I assume 50 gallons equals 80 in their world. Very shady company I would advise to avoid this company at all cost.


Absolutely horrible company! Inept service people and the wait for repairs is way too long. had them for two months and I quit!


I have this same issue. I sold my old house 10 months ago and have made 6 attempts to close this account without any success.

I had to change my credit card to stop the billing. Every time I call I am told the same thing. "Your account is now canceled and will process a refund in 7-14 days." I have yet to get any kind of confirmation, refund, email, text message, phone call, or even a regular letter showing this issue has been resolved.

This morning I got a past due notice via email. Stop billing me and close my account.




I have had good service from AHS techs. I have had all of my houses, including rental properties, covered for years. The only problem I ever have is trying to cancel a contract when a property sells.Type your message here


These people have been in business for decades. You would think that the insurance division would be on them for their lack of service, etc. Type your message here


They strong arm their contractors into doing their dirty work, and suffering the consequences, and any legal dirt sticks to the contractors, not AHS. AHS spells out what they “cover” and then they force the contractors to look for and apply the loopholes in the contract.

How do they force all these contractors to play this game, you might ask? AHS has had 40 years to work out the strategy, with no shortage of legal advice. They’ve perfected their plan of recruiting startup and small companies, promising lots of call volume, and once they begin, they shorten the leash and tighten the collar until the small business is funding the entire claim in fear of losing the contract. The only way the small business can survive once the parasitic home warranty starts sucking them dry is to do what AHS says, while their own retail customers disappear because the contractor is struggling to keep up with the high demands of home warranty work.

Meanwhile, AHS abides by all the terms and conditions of the contract. Home warranty Customers hear what they want to hear and believe the lies that they will be “covered” when they need it, and the contractors take the blame, in exchange for a bad reputation, ruined business, and continuous flow of new calls. Instead of money or payment, the contractor accepts the AHS service requests as sales or lead opportunities, but as you all know, you aren’t buying ANYTHING willingly from these vendors.

Nor is AHS paying them, so expensive repairs become gridlocked. Ponder this explanation with an open mind, and you will realize that home warranties are even more cunning and deceptive than you ever thought.


I agree this people are horrendous people if you call them people. They are not customer oriented in which they make their living. These people are from Tennessee a big disgrace for their own state if they have any shame left


Yes they are the worst I don't even sweat it I canceled the back charged me like the *** they are and then they charge me a cancellation fee even though I don't have a set contract for an amount of time which is so illegal don't sweat it just don't pay them who gives a crap my credit is still good


They do suck...


Run away from this company. They appear to have developed their business model to the point that they sign blanket contracts with low-ball contractors in order to get the service call, and then let and/or instruct the contractor figure out how to pad the bill to get the client to pay for the work.

Additional "required" piping, refrigerant charges, "required" rewiring, "required structural modifications and similar issues that are added at inflated values are a favorite method. If that doesn't work, delay, delay, and deny until the owner has to get it fixed themselves and then deny any reimbursement above their "internal" rates. Our case: they were called because of a leaking water heater after having contracts for over 8 years. Over a week and a half of back and forth until we are told that there would be over $700 of "additional piping" that would be charged.

This was to add a new code required expansion tank ($45 at Lowes) , piping ($25 at Lowes), and restraint straps ($20 at Lowes) that would require at most an additional hour to install. The water heater retail cost was only $400.

So, we were going to be charged $700, which would cover the average local cost to replace and AHS was going to cover little or nothing. Told them we were cancelling the contract due to their default, but they keep trying to bill us anyway.

@Larry Harkz

This is exactly what is going on, Larry. What prompts people to buy home warranties?

It is a fascination of mine, honestly. Consumer behavior is most intriguing to me. Even with the slightest amount of research, consumers can find out just how lousy ALL home warranties are, yet they will purchase one anyway! Then, when they find out for themselves that quick and easy replacements aren’t forthcoming, they are so shocked and filing complaints with multiple agencies.

The laughable part to me is when they say they are going to switch home warranty companies!! Why are so many people compelled to believe lying shady insurance companies, yet so distrustful of hardworking, over-licensed, overtaxed, over-insured, plumbers etc? Why not just hire a plumber from the start? How did blue collar tradesmen who work harder than brain surgeons get such a bad rap?

Yes, you CAN get an expansion tank for $47 at Lowe’s. But why should the plumber go get it, install it and guarantee it for what he paid for it?

Are plumbers not allowed to make any profit at all???? What is wrong with people?!?

@Larry Harkz

Does the dentist charge you exactly what the crown cost him? NO.

Does the auto mechanic charge you exactly what the parts cost him? NO. Does the hairdresser sell the products for exactly what they paid for them? NO.

Does Lowe’s sell expansion tanks for exactly what they cost them? Wtf?

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