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If you have a claim with this company it is pure *** to deal with them and the contractors they use. It is a scam from the get go.

I had a water heater leaking, took forever for them to respond, first contractor never called me back, got another one and seemed good but when AHS called and said I would have to pay $862.00 for my part which they didn't cover (pure ***) plus the $75.00 on the service call. I was floored and upset to say the least. After waiting two days to find this out thanks to the worst customer service (they know nothing just so sorry you feel that way response) I was over a barrel !! If I would have know this the first day or two I would have just went to Home Depot paid $398.00 for the same heater and put it in myself.

It would have been less than what my part turned out to be and would not have had to wait. I did find out after six calls to customer service (customer service that is a joke!) that if you request a cash payment after the service call is sent to them to evaluate they will come up with some lower cash amount and send you the check. Problem is it takes two to three days to find out how much they will send you. Such a circle *** with these guys.

They and the contractors are in bed together to screw us the homeowners. The contractor told me if I was to call them they would have done all of the work for $1250.00. My part I paid yesterday was $937 including the $75.00 for the deductible. AHS was to pay $640 since the deductible goes to them for a total for this water heater of $1652.00 with my part I had to pay!!

Contractors make more with AHS and AHS pays very little on claims plus as other reviews on here state they will repair items but never replace them. AHS pays lower claims and makes more money. I wonder if the contractors are doing kick backs to AHS???? Makes you feel like a fool for signing up for such a pitiful warranty company.

They use the Air Conditioner and Furnace going out to scare everyone into signing up since those two items are expensive. I have yet to hear of anyone getting new units replaced by AHS. Repair, Repair, Repair only!! Realtors say the same thing but they push AHS to everyone.

They probably make a commission on signing us fools up! It is a crime by taking advantage of trusting homeowners like this. I'm done with them and hope this helps someone from making the mistake of signing up with this bunch.

If there is a class action law suit against AHS I will be the first one in line to sign up. Good Luck

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Claim.

Monetary Loss: $937.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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