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The worst service I have EVER received by ANY vendor I know. Cooktop broke on 02/01/19, Called AHS on 02/01/19; today is 02/28/19, and we don't have a stove.

This demonstrates their speed of service. They claim their vendors need to schedule an appointment within 48 hours the claim is assigned, we got an appoint for 5 days later. Once the technician came, they diagnosed the problem, and the report was sent back to AHS 5 days after the appointment. And we called everyday to check status.

From there, it took AHS another 3 days to approve the parts order, 7 more days for the vendor to receive the parts. As we finally waited for the technician to come and complete the repair, thinking that we can finally have a cooktop to cook food after a WHOLE MONTH, only to be told that technician broke the burner heads during the repair, and now the whole cycle starts again. This is not to mention when we call customer service to follow up the status, we were told by AHS customer service rep to have some patience, because the repair will not be done in less than a month. I was also told to just use microwave to heat up frozen dinners, FOR A MONTH....

Meanwhile, they already took the service charge of $75 on the second day of the claim filed. I have never experienced such low level of customer service in any of the services I have ever received. I feel all those 5 star ratings at Consumer Reviews are very misleading, and people deserve to know the truth about AHS's services.

I will from now on to tell everyone that I know in my real estate business to not to use AHS, and I will try my best to let as many people know what level of service AHS truly provides. Oh, BTW, I will cancel all my home warranties from AHS now.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

American Home Shield Pros: Website design.

American Home Shield Cons: Customer reps -most of them, Long wait time for technician appointment, Long turnaround time for solutions, Customer reps - rude, No vendor oversight.

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I know you don’t want to hear this from a home warranty contractor (and ALL home warranty companies are the same—Old Republic, for example, is even worse), but here goes: There is no money being paid to the repairman’s company except the service fee you paid. It is paid based upon the first trip out, not subsequent trips.

The repairman has to operate at a LOSS, doing their work for a flat $100 (while supplying the parts, too) in order to get more calls from AHS. No more money changes hands later. That’s it. Denials of claims are used by the contractor as much as possible to avoid going down the repair road, in which everyone is unhappy with too, because of the time it takes.

Better to get the unhappiness started immediately with an outright denial, than to listen to al the griping for a month, and still having to lose money. This is why ALL the contractors who work for home warranty companies have rotten reviews, and can’t make it in the retail market. They become slaves of the home warranty companies. They are abused.

Yet realtors push these plans and think they’re golden. The reason I’m explaining all this (in vain) is that the plans are not worth what is paid for them, and it’s best to hire (and not abuse) the local blue collar tradespeople, and stop using these bs home warranties. You can’t make them pay the contractors more than the flat rate (and why would they?) They punish the contractors that charge more by taking them off the list, and letting them go, where they will fail, will all the bad reviews earned from working with home warranty people. Realtors need to know this most of all.

When you exert pressure on the home warranty company, it only hurts the contractor more, not AHS, which is where the problem is: THE CONTRACTORS ARE NOT GETTING PAID.


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