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They keep giving me the run around. Ice maker was never fixed and I have talk to 4 different people.

A supervisor have yet to contact me.

And they trying to make me pay a $100 fee again. They also stated that they did not know the Corporate number

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Location: 100 Old Mill Rd, LaGrange, GA 30241

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Ice makers are not repairable, and usually are a sign that you need a new refrigerator, but unfortunately, the appliance repair company who works for AHS will be punished severely if they recommend a fridge replacement. It’s all about the money, of course.

In order to keep AHS happy, the contractors have to absorb the cost themselves, instead of getting paid by AHS (and then losing future AHS business); so the customer needing something big just gets put off. The ice maker is always the first thing to break on a fridge, at least all the ones I’ve owned. I usually just use ice trays for several years, and save up for a new fridge. Have you considered that?

Because neither AHS nor the fridge guy want to buy you one, and it sounds like they can’t fix it for less than the $100 service fee, which is all the repairman will get—even if he pays for your new fridge. If AHs pays for a new fridge, they will get a new appliance repairman, because that one isn’t playing the game right and providing the new appliances for free whenever he can’t fix them for the $100. So knowing this, which I guarantee to be true, since I am a contractor who works for home warranties, what do you think about this situation, and what is your next move? Please advise.

I have great interest in understanding how home warranties get away with duping so many consumers and contractors. I have pondered this for years. Nobody ever wants to discuss how to make this better, except to say gimme gimme gimme and to heck with the contractor. Without the contractor, who is beholden to AHS for survival, there would be no claim processing.

They’d have to provide mo ey and let the local competition bid the top dollar bids and get the jobs done competitively. It would cost AHS a fortune, and your rates would go up tenfold. A fridge can cost $3000-**** now! Ho much does the policy cost?

$400-500? Customers really plan to rack up good, and they don’t seen concerned about all the bad reviews because they don’t want to know, or they plan to fight for months. Nice. Often the people who fight like that have the money to buy what they need but they lack common sense to figure out this is a scam.

Even knowing it’s a scam still makes them want to be scammed because they are scammers too. The kind of people who go “haha I’m gone get me uh new ice box jus as soon as I get this policy started—I’m mon have me some ice cold beers and I ain’t gone have to spend no money”

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