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Decent pay and good benefits..but not worth the stress.


Let me be clear, you are not viewed as a person at AHS and I can explain why. But first, I want to state that I had been with AHS over 10 years. I worked in several departments and excelled in each. I always went above and beyond and helped create procedures to improve efficiency. Every single person at AHS is in a CYA mode. This is due to the constant change in senior management from presidents down to call center supervisors. I had 4 supervisors in a year and a half period. This is a detriment because with all the new executives, no one knows who you are or what you have done during your time at AHS. You are a number...a stat. They will fire anyone for anything and they even hired an outside company to specifically deny every unemployment insurance claim. You are constantly on the phone. It is pretty sad that the typical basic day is one with over 100 calls in *** all day long. This is due to the company constantly firing people. Seniority means nothing. Managements view is "I don't care what you have done in the past, what have you done for me today". If you get written up for any reason, it stays active for a whole year. The atmosphere is VERY VERY toxic and you feel you are always under attack. PLEASE STAY AWAY!

Advice to Management

Senior management, don't create an atmosphere where every single employee is worried about keeping their job..including supervisors. Every employee that I have talked with after leaving AHS had nothing positive to say. This includes employees that left on their own.

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