On 10/10/20 I contacted American Home Shield about having my clothes dryer repaired. I was assigned to AG Appliance to do the repair.

This company is awful!!! First of all, they give you a 5 hour window for when their repairman may arrive. I know that's not so unusual, but I had to have them out 3 times over a months time. They still couldn't fix my dryer.

The first repairman that came and assessed the problem. He said he would have to order the parts to be replaced and the office would call me to schedule the repair. About a week later the same repairman came and replaced the parts with the ones he had ordered. He then tells me that wasn't the problem after all.

My dryer needed a new motor. So that would have to be ordered and the office would again call to reschedule when the part came in. They did call to reschedule, but wanted to give me the morning window of 8 am to 12pm. I told them I needed the later window of 12 pm to 5pm.

She said she would schedule that for me. The day before my appointment they called to confirm my appointment for the next day for the window of 8am to 5pm. I told them I couldn't be home at the time and that's why I scheduled the 12pm to 5pm window. She said she would call me back, but never did.

I finally called them that evening, and the woman I talked to said my appointment was still set for the next day 8am to 12pm and no notes had been made on the account. I said we need to reschedule then. We rescheduled for an appointment the for the next week. The repairman that came this time was there for about 5 minutes and told me the motor wasn't the problem.

He would have to go back and look at the previous repairman's notes and the office would call me back to reschedule again. So now I've taken 3 different days off from work and it's been over a month. My dryer is still not fixed. I'm so frustrated at the situation.

The holidays are coming and I have family coming to stay. I need a working dryer. Out of desperation I finally just purchase a new washer and dryer for over $2000. Since my previous dryer was part of a washer/dryer combo, I couldn't just replace the dryer.

A couple of days later AG Appliance repair called again to reschedule my repair. I told them that since they couldn't figure out the problem and fix my dryer, I finally just bought a new one. They said they would close out the ticket then. I don't no why AHS would continue to use AG Appliance repair.

I've read a lot of customer reviews for them, and most of them were similar to my experience. I called AHS to ask for my deductible to be refunded. They said they would call me the next day, but never did. On the AHS website, my job status says complete.

It was never completed by them. I completed it by spending more money to buy new appliances because I couldn't take any more time off from work for AG Appliance to keep trying to fix my dryer. And then if they finally conceded they couldn't fix it. How long would I have to wait for AHS to find a suitable replacement.

I believe I should be refunded my $100 deductible. This is very unsatisfactory customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

American Home Shield Pros: On line service request.

American Home Shield Cons: Vendor.

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