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Service contractor canceled twice, stating weather. Apparently, they can't work if the road is wet.

Deplorable customer service.

They don't understand anything that is not on their script. No way of contacting anyone in the US.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

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The service companies only get paid for the first trip to your home. If the weather interferes with the diagnosis, or the repair, the repair company has to return at their own expense.

If the work is either HVAC-related, or Main line plumbing stoppages, for example, there is not much that can be done in the rain. It is not safe to work in the rain on these items, and just because your fixture or thermostat is indoors does not make it economically feasible for the service company to make 2 trips. They would have to repeat the entire day the following day, but without the ability to charge AHS for 2 trips. It is safer and more economically productive to make one trip.

It isn’t worth having employees out risking the company truck and liability in the rain to make no money, just to see what is going on at your house. Maybe if you didn’t use a warranty to get repairs, however, you would find that the price differential entices better contractors who are more willing to risk it. But home warranties only pay their contractors a small flat fee and they have to perform a high volume of work orders to make up for it. You will get very little personal consideration or attention, and the timeframe is not up to you.

Choose a local small business licensed professional and don’t go through a home warranty.

You will be much happier with everything, except maybe the price. Can’t have your cake and eat it too.

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