07/01/2021 I agree this company is fraud and take advantage of only people. My dad being paying them just about $60 every month for so many years.

Only most resent he is using them for repairs. Every time he calls he has to pay $75 dollars for someone to go out to look at the problem then the contracted company will have to summit a request to have the job done. Most recently the AC stop working so as usual we call, pay the $75 then a AC company came out. the company said we need a evaporator coil for them to do that they will have to they will have to drain the system of the freon and replace the coil and then put new freon back in.

AHS was not covering the Freon so they telling us we have to come out of pocket for the freon at $95 per pound, the system takes takes 15 pound they say. AHS only pays 10 for very pound . Now would have have to pay $1275 out of pocket. Little they know we have a AC company privately.

So we have our company we use locally to go take a look for a second opinion they told us we don't need to recharge the whole unit. they are able to pump it down to the outside unit for storage until the repair is completed they can pump it back in the system. (Bam! RIP OFF!) that save ourselves that money.

AHS contractor told us the system takes 15 pounds of freon when it only takes 12 pounds. (There goes another rip OFF!). So now we decided to go with another contractor of our own.

We Got American shield back on the phone and request a copy of the estimate they receive from their contractor for us to have an idea of all the charges. they said they cant do that its company policy.

We ask them about if we get our own contractor will they give us the money for the repair.

they told us they have a cash out offer they rep told us he cant tell us what that offer will be. so we decided to take the offer. He said a Rep will contact us in 24hrs. ok Fine!

The Rep called us back a day after.

The Offer $600. What! I have to ask are you kidding!. I said you was going to Pay the company $600 for the coil and the repair?

They coil itself can cost 2 times the amount you are offering. ($600). So I again ask to send me the cost of the Coil you were getting and the cost for the repair. His reply again i cant do that its company policy.

( at this point you cant win to lose). Now there is nothing else he can do to help that's the offer . Ok at this point I'm saying why argue its $600 ill have to add to that to do the repair.

Now now I said ok you can send the money ill have to get the rest to do the repair. This Guy is going to tell me I need to purchase the coil first and then send him a bill for him to release the $600.

Now they not going to cover the full cost of the coil and the labor and I cant get the money to add to purchase for the repair until I send the bill. For Years they got a 100 time that 600. they should be paying for my repair. Their contractors at crooked and AHS are a fraud!

I agree to a class action Lawsuit. Now I have to come up with the money to get anything done.

And the house is out of AC for 2 weeks now in the State of Florida in the summer. Hope a lawsuit can get going for this company ( American Home Shield)

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