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We waited 7 days with out air; if it was not for the repair company using oe of thier parts we would be waiting still. the pasrt that AHS ordered still has not arrived to the repair company.

So i found David Crawford, President of AHS Assisatnt number . Her name is Judy, her number is 1-866-305-0259 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-866-305-0259      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext 2100, call her and complain. I asked her if David Crawford could call me. Of course not, he is a coward president!

She is useless also, but fill her phone up!

Do not call their number on contract call her! tell he Kevin told you to call !

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Thank you Kevin. It's time for a class action lawsuit.

Roxy Lopez
to Parrishlady10 #1542468

You mean ANOTHER class action law suit, they have had several against them. AMERICAN HOME SHIELD is one BIG SCAM!


I was in sales for 8 years and it did NOT take me all of that time to understand the importance of the "customer". This is my first (and LAST) year with AHS and it has been an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!!!

I have gotten nothing but incompetent vendors who don't even go back to report what they saw when visiting my home (for $75 mind you)!! AHS does not hold them responsible for following through, but STILL expects me to pay the $75 fee!!! NO WAY!!! I've been cooking in a hot kitchen because the electrician that they sent told me that he couldn't do what HE said was only a 45 minute job of putting a receiver in my ceiling fan because they were "too booked up" & i would have to wait 4 weeks for him to return.

Clearly, there were more "lucrative" air conditioning jobs out there and my being a AHS customer did NOT matter!!! Plumbers were sent too but that company was so inconsistent that their plumbers both gave me quotes on the same job with an $125 difference...WTH???!!! The customer service reps suck and only apologize but still nothing gets resolved. I signed up for a year...I wish I had signed up for a month to month so I could have dropped them.

I asked who was in charge of choosing the vendors and suggested that some of the vendors be screened a little more carefully. That too, fell on deaf ears. They really need to go out of business. I have told everyone i know to steer clear of this company.

My sister was smart...She only signed up for a month to month and she's bailing already!!! All I can say is ....If you feel the need to use a home warranty company, DON'T USE THIS ONE!!!!


Roxy Lopez
to KMcKenzie #1542469



I’ve been waiting for over 2 months for a part to fix my AC in South Florida!!!Terrible customer service!!!

to Anonymous #1520830

Hello I am from St. Louis, and my air has been out for over 4 weeks.

I just sent a 6 page letter certified to the new President of this Company today. Mr. Rexford J. Tibbens.

I did not bash him, he just got there but I do expect for him to do right by the customers.I have contacted in Saint Louis my media outlets, channel 2, 4, 5 and CNN. I have just finished making a complaint to Missouri Attorney General Office and after I finish with this message I will be sending a message to the Tennessee Attorney General Office and Washington DC. Also I sent a complaint to the BBB. Somebody will get me help.

I have been a customer for over 18 years and now they want to play games when It is too hot but it is about the principal now. I firmly believe if we as consumers for our rights and fight for them to respect us by coming together making a stand companies like this will stop their immoral practices.

Hello help me fight all you guys who have had issues.. We are the one making companies like this rich!!!

to Joann #1532801

Read your contract. They live by it.

They know every single word, because their attorneys wrote it. They do what they say they’ll do. They don’t promise you will be happy. But they do offer you a service call with a licensed, insured contractor, and they look at your problem and apply the coverage.

The coverage does not = money, however. They cover repairs but that doesn’t mean you will be happy with it.

Their plans clearly state the coverage, but you probably read into it what you wanted to read. It’s carefully worded to sound great.

to Anon #1539434

They DO NOT live by the contract which is exactly my complaint. Twice in my contract it says they will rekey 6 locks, they said its only for new customers even though my contract agreement with my contract number states rekeying is covered twice.

Point is, the contract is misleading and should be written per plan. The contract is a general contract and although it states it is for your plan, there are items on it that are not covered.

Looking into misrepresentation of contract through legal means. I feel this company is dishonest, misleading and are nothing more than scam artist under a corporate name.

to Joann #1539600

I have a similar complaint we have been dealing with an a/c problem for a month now . I have been getting the run around from AmericanHome Shield.Rude staff liars!

I too will be putting complaint. With BBB.

Roxy Lopez
to Jeff phx #1542472

I see complaints for this company all over the internet, yet they state they are a 5 star company> all the same complaints, all the same terrible service! Or in my case no service at all!

You mean ANOTHER class action law suit, they have had several against them. AMERICAN HOME SHIELD is one BIG SCAM!

Roxy Lopez
to Joann #1542470

You mean ANOTHER class action law suit, they have had several against them. AMERICAN HOME SHIELD is one BIG SCAM!


Cancelled by AHS, no explanation,over seven years as customer.Having no excessive repairs.Very unprofessional, their business practices are called into question. Their rating is 7.4, of10., over 2000 complaintS unresolved.

Best advice. ..RUN


Wow!! This is the same problem that I am going through as we speak.

I live in Las Vegas,, 108 degrees today. Going on almost 7 days without air in one side of the house. The other side is working twice as hard to cool off the house. AHS has only 1 contractor they work with...

REALLY..?! They do not work on weekend,, give me a break.Thank you for the post..

to Mindy #1532802

AHS doesn’t pay extra for after hours service. The contractors have to be willing to go out on a voluntary basis after hours, but then get paid the usual lowball amount, which they have to wait for. So there is no incentive


The ABSOLUTE WORST WARRANTY COMPANY EVER. THE customer service reps are jokes. Their unprofessional I'm so sorry I ever signed up

Roxy Lopez
to Lonnie #1542476



I have been trying to get my washer fixed for three months. No one will return my calls.

I keep getting hung up on, or when I call they tell me their computers are down. I speak to different people each time. I asked for a supervisor five different times and I’m told they have none. No one has a clue of what I’m talking about.

My husband and I have been members for 10 years. When did it get this bad?

to Anonymous #1560687

Im having the same problem with my washer except they did send me a technician obviously is paid off by them to say whatever to deny the claim- they try to talk me my 14 year old washing machines need for a new internal drum is my fault for overloading the washer! Ha - what a bunch of crooks - I am in the process of fighting them now-


RUN, as fast as you can away from this company. Customer service is non-existent.

Made my first call to them on a kitchen sink plumbing issue.

After 45 minutes of putting me “on hold”, they told me they would have dispatch call me within 4 hours to tell me when a plumber would arrive. NO ONE EVER CALLED ME!!!!I reached out to a friend who went to Home Depot, bought $25.00 in parts, and replaced the leaking pipes.I am cancelling my contract with this HORRIBLE company.

Roxy Lopez
to Karen Cowan #1542478

Agree RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMERICAN HOME SHIELD is one BIG SCAM!

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