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We waited 7 days with out air; if it was not for the repair company using oe of thier parts we would be waiting still. the pasrt that AHS ordered still has not arrived to the repair company.

So i found David Crawford, President of AHS Assisatnt number . Her name is Judy, her number is 1-866-305-0259 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-866-305-0259      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext 2100, call her and complain. I asked her if David Crawford could call me. Of course not, he is a coward president!

She is useless also, but fill her phone up!

Do not call their number on contract call her! tell he Kevin told you to call !

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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American is having a dispute with their contractor they sent out to look at my a/c it needs to b replaced and they are are having a stand off of who is going to supply the unit and we are stuck in the middle of their dispute.. the worst co ..


American Home Shield is the absolute worse company on the face of Gods green earth. Its been 3 weeks now with numerous phone calls to fix a covered item Kitchen faucet that's leaking.

Had to shut off all the water supply to the kitchen faucet because it was leaking under the cabinet and lifting the kitchen flooring. its now 3 weeks without water supply to the dishwasher, fridge water for ice and drinking water, no hot water as well. have been calling the assigned plumber for two weeks and have yet to receive a call back DO NOT USE PLUMBERS INC John Munoz(ChaCho) 1-888-379-4321) He will not bother to return calls even though his office said that he will call. I have reach out to home shield to help resolve my issues so far while typing this out I have been on hold with homeshield for 15 minutes and still on hold and listening to their horrible music.

I had call Home Shield on my second phoneline spoke with the operator and had requested to speak with a supervisor she immediately placed me on hold for 18 minutes and when she picked up the call she told me there is NO SUPERVISOR This is a worthless company.

they were very quick in accepting payments for useless service MY ADVICE save your money and hire your own repair people. Youll live longer that way .THE CEO OF THIS COMPANY MUST BE THE SAME AS TRUMP LIAR LIAR


Call a plumber and pay for it yourself if you need something done in a hurry. Obviously a home warranty does not pay the plumber sufficiently, and you are getting poor service and long wait times due to the monetary value of the repair.

Money talks, bs walks. Plumbers are everywhere, available to hire, but you will not find one anywhere willing to do the work for the service fee you paid. The AHS plumber ONLY gets paid the service fee and nothing more. In exchange, he gets ALL the AHS plumbing work orders in his territory.

High volume of work is traded in exchange for $100 compensation on each one. What plumber will come out and fix your problem for $100? If you need something done properly and quickly, don’t use a home warranty. We work or have worked for all of them, and they are ALL bad.

Home warranties are like socialism, it doesn’t work. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


I have to say AHS is the worst company to use. They will take your money and find every excuse in the book not to cover and of course you can't speak to management go figure that and Judy's ext does not work 10 digit now.

People don't waste you money with this company.

When you buy a new house and please please do not choose AHS they will only take your money and you will be out the cost for repairs. Horrible Horrible company.

@Pamela Cuellat

As a contractor who works or has worked for every home warranty company, I can attest to the fact that ALL home warranty companies are scams. The contractors are carefully selected from the local marketplace to be used as sacrificial tools to get claims denied, or do the work and provide the parts without reimbursement, in exchange for higher volume of work orders.

The home warranty companies pay the contractors only the service fee, which you customers pay, and then it is up to the contractor to make the claim into a denial or work for free. The only way to operate in these conditions is by screwing over the customers in exchange for more new tickets with service fees. If a claim denial is not obtained, the contractor will inflate the non-covered items so the homeowner will be forced to absorb the costs that the home warranty ought to have to pay. And lastly, the contractors force the customers into extremely long delays while awaiting repairs—anything to keep from having to fund these policies where all the premiums and proceeds are going to the greedy home warranty companies, with NONE of it going to the contractors who actually are supposed to do the work.

There is not one single company that is legitimate in the home warranty market. Here is a better idea, instead of choosing or accepting a home warranty when you get a house: NEGOTIATE with the seller the actual appliance replacements!!!! Make them buy a new water heater or HVAC or whatever is old and of concern.

It’s going to have to be replaced, so negotiate that and get it done!!!! Home warranty plans cop out when it comes time to pay!!!!

Deborah M

Wow that number now requires a 10 digit extension versus the four digit one 2100 - I guess Judy found a way to avoid a complaint!!!


I had an issue with my water heater been with ahs sinc 2009 the plumbing company never called never showed up I'm going through treatment I have water heater caught on fire I called them back they said I owed 125.00 for a work order that was never done no one ever showed up and fixed my water heater been going to my nieghbors to shower my kids and I boil water to wash dishes etc. They were so rude I called several times on young man apologized said he would drop the 125.00 for the work order was never done.

He said they call me send someone and would waiver the deductible I waited 4 days never got a call i called again the woman explained it's going through a process to remove the fake zo called bill i owe. She was rude she hung up on me.

I called again asked for a supervisor or manager they said there was noone there no supervisor hung up on me .I was upset crying could not believe this I guess because my leukemia makes me weak and let ppl treat me like I'm an idiot .I called again a gentleman by the name of Chris his badge number is 525423 I ask for his number glad I did it he gave me a hard time again I explained he was *** I explained how I was told about the charge and I was told the first time since I was charged and noone came by to fix it and my water heater caught on fire he didn't care I explained I have leukemia I'm tired of arguing or have the strength to do it I been a loyal customer. I called a ceo president of the company rexford ribbons I haven't recieved a call back this is *** I pay my insurance for this to help takecare of my home but they take advantage its wrong no justice

Deborah M

We need justice this is truly a ripoff I know there has to be a better warranty program out there somewhere!

@Deborah M

Any warranty program is designed as a ripoff. It’s like socialism. It don’t work.


Thank you Kevin. It's time for a class action lawsuit.


You mean ANOTHER class action law suit, they have had several against them. AMERICAN HOME SHIELD is one BIG SCAM!


I was in sales for 8 years and it did NOT take me all of that time to understand the importance of the "customer". This is my first (and LAST) year with AHS and it has been an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!!!

I have gotten nothing but incompetent vendors who don't even go back to report what they saw when visiting my home (for $75 mind you)!! AHS does not hold them responsible for following through, but STILL expects me to pay the $75 fee!!! NO WAY!!! I've been cooking in a hot kitchen because the electrician that they sent told me that he couldn't do what HE said was only a 45 minute job of putting a receiver in my ceiling fan because they were "too booked up" & i would have to wait 4 weeks for him to return.

Clearly, there were more "lucrative" air conditioning jobs out there and my being a AHS customer did NOT matter!!! Plumbers were sent too but that company was so inconsistent that their plumbers both gave me quotes on the same job with an $125 difference...WTH???!!! The customer service reps suck and only apologize but still nothing gets resolved. I signed up for a year...I wish I had signed up for a month to month so I could have dropped them.

I asked who was in charge of choosing the vendors and suggested that some of the vendors be screened a little more carefully. That too, fell on deaf ears. They really need to go out of business. I have told everyone i know to steer clear of this company.

My sister was smart...She only signed up for a month to month and she's bailing already!!! All I can say is ....If you feel the need to use a home warranty company, DON'T USE THIS ONE!!!!





I’ve been waiting for over 2 months for a part to fix my AC in South Florida!!!Terrible customer service!!!


Hello I am from St. Louis, and my air has been out for over 4 weeks.

I just sent a 6 page letter certified to the new President of this Company today. Mr. Rexford J. Tibbens.

I did not bash him, he just got there but I do expect for him to do right by the customers.I have contacted in Saint Louis my media outlets, channel 2, 4, 5 and CNN. I have just finished making a complaint to Missouri Attorney General Office and after I finish with this message I will be sending a message to the Tennessee Attorney General Office and Washington DC. Also I sent a complaint to the BBB. Somebody will get me help.

I have been a customer for over 18 years and now they want to play games when It is too hot but it is about the principal now. I firmly believe if we as consumers for our rights and fight for them to respect us by coming together making a stand companies like this will stop their immoral practices.

Hello help me fight all you guys who have had issues.. We are the one making companies like this rich!!!


Read your contract. They live by it.

They know every single word, because their attorneys wrote it. They do what they say they’ll do. They don’t promise you will be happy. But they do offer you a service call with a licensed, insured contractor, and they look at your problem and apply the coverage.

The coverage does not = money, however. They cover repairs but that doesn’t mean you will be happy with it.

Their plans clearly state the coverage, but you probably read into it what you wanted to read. It’s carefully worded to sound great.


They DO NOT live by the contract which is exactly my complaint. Twice in my contract it says they will rekey 6 locks, they said its only for new customers even though my contract agreement with my contract number states rekeying is covered twice.

Point is, the contract is misleading and should be written per plan. The contract is a general contract and although it states it is for your plan, there are items on it that are not covered.

Looking into misrepresentation of contract through legal means. I feel this company is dishonest, misleading and are nothing more than scam artist under a corporate name.


I have a similar complaint we have been dealing with an a/c problem for a month now . I have been getting the run around from AmericanHome Shield.Rude staff liars!

I too will be putting complaint. With BBB.

@Jeff phx

I see complaints for this company all over the internet, yet they state they are a 5 star company> all the same complaints, all the same terrible service! Or in my case no service at all!

You mean ANOTHER class action law suit, they have had several against them. AMERICAN HOME SHIELD is one BIG SCAM!

@Jeff phx

The BBB has no authority whatsoever. Why everybody thinks the BBB can do anything to anybody is a mystery.

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