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We waited 7 days with out air; if it was not for the repair company using oe of thier parts we would be waiting still. the pasrt that AHS ordered still has not arrived to the repair company.

So i found David Crawford, President of AHS Assisatnt number . Her name is Judy, her number is 1-866-305-0259 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-866-305-0259      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext 2100, call her and complain. I asked her if David Crawford could call me. Of course not, he is a coward president!

She is useless also, but fill her phone up!

Do not call their number on contract call her! tell he Kevin told you to call !

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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The ABSOLUTE WORST WARRANTY COMPANY EVER. THE customer service reps are jokes. Their unprofessional I'm so sorry I ever signed up


I have been trying to get my washer fixed for three months. No one will return my calls.

I keep getting hung up on, or when I call they tell me their computers are down. I speak to different people each time. I asked for a supervisor five different times and I’m told they have none. No one has a clue of what I’m talking about.

My husband and I have been members for 10 years. When did it get this bad?


RUN, as fast as you can away from this company. Customer service is non-existent.

Made my first call to them on a kitchen sink plumbing issue.

After 45 minutes of putting me “on hold”, they told me they would have dispatch call me within 4 hours to tell me when a plumber would arrive. NO ONE EVER CALLED ME!!!!I reached out to a friend who went to Home Depot, bought $25.00 in parts, and replaced the leaking pipes.I am cancelling my contract with this HORRIBLE company.


We join AHS last year, 1st time we call very long waiting to technicians to come and part order they never call us with out stove 3 weeks your customer service lady very poor she told me use e mail to get fast service, what about we do not know how to use this is discrimination we do not use computer. Up to this date service is not completed IWonder how you get BBS grade.?

I will appreciate you contact me.

No stove for 3 weeks? Very poor customer service


I have had a problem with American Home Shield they cost us $50,000 worth of damage to our basement we called for a plumber the plumber called two days later and said they couldn't come out cuz they couldn't get their feet wait then the next plumber called and said they cancelled they couldn't make it we said 5 days no one came to our home they never called we called them 32 * talk to a manager still got nowheres they took our money the $75 and had the nerve to take the next month's payment we had to end up paying someone to come and do it out of our pocket that wasn't what the company and all they could say was they were sorry they owe us for conversation and are not willing to pay for anything this is due to their fault but they say have secure and safe with them that they're always there to protect our homes will they let me down big-time no sense in it and they should pay for the damages what kind of plumbers in service if they have that can't come out no-shows and can't get their feet wet we have got nowheres with them we finally got our $75 back and the following month payment but all they could say was they couldn't pay the damages I submitted to bills so them for $40,000 and they said they don't pay that kind of money out what was over that and they haven't gave me a dime I tried the number that you supplied but they no longer have that extension or course they change their numbers cuz they don't want to hear it they have the most incompetent rudest people I've ever dealt with in or the worst company of ever deal with I am so sorry I want with this company I trusted them and they let me down completely and I even got sick over this with my *** before have to smell the sewage backup for over 5 days and they didn't care I hope no one deals with this company this was the worst nightmare of my life


I have been waiting 13 days now dead of winter to get my furnace fixed also. Keep getting the run around it is ridiculous


Yes I never signed up 2 houses. They said I have been charged 6 months into knowing .

I confronted them . Rep was very rude and didn’t help at all. I have another warranty right now. When I told they didn’t care.

I told them it was them misunderstanding what I want. First house I canceled within 3 months they said AC was not covered I’m a liar and not professional at all


So the 2100 ext is no longer valid. They’re asking for a 10 digit extensive.

I just want to cancel my service. They make it hard to even do that

to Anonymous #1465104

Just call your bank and tell them you are no longer authorizing them to pay American Home sheild. Now you don't have to call them and cancel done and done


I have been calling to get service man back.i called tree time the company every time it takes to talk to customer service each time I have to wait over 15 minutes to talk to them. Finally talk to customer which she was extremely rude unhelpful.and impolite I am trying to report her to the manger there is no manager. My experience with them is very disappointing.


I'm paying premiums. 1st time calling on a Friday about refrig.

Closed till Monday. I get call on Wed. saying they left vm on Tues, Wow (no record on cell). I call back on Tues and was set for appt.

on Wed. 6days to get service and I'm losing food.

The website gives phone numbers that go straight to recording, which keep you on hold until your tired of waiting. No emergency dispatch is offered........................................So unacceptable for business practice!


They took $125 prepayment for a service call that NEVER took place...I've called FIVE times in 3.5 months...each call an hour or more...being promised a payment to be reimbursed....still waiting!!!

to Gina Mckeen #1461207

6 months here sos so many lies

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1352214

My blood is boiling..my air have been off for two months. They gave me a company Eagle Heating and Air in Forest Park Ga.

They came out several times.Never fixed it. They said I needed a part that was in may. I am still waiting on the part. They tell me they are coming out.

Never show up...I don't know what to do now. I have been with AHS for years. I have had four homes always had AHS... I have lost all respect for this company.

It's hard to get someone to answer the phone. They sent another Company out and they told me I needed to up date my unit. That's almost a thousand dollars. I am so upset now.

I could have put that money I have been paying them every month up. And had a new United put in.



Bridgewater Township, New Jersey, United States #1275615

i want to speak to a manager or person in charge asap!!!!!! i called in a problem saturday morning at 3am about my basement being flooded from my water heater.

today is TUESDAY and problem is still not fixed and i am dealing with your plumber who doesnot pick up phone calls or call back. i am a family of 4 with no running water since saturday i call ***

Palmdale, California, United States #1236499

Kevin, I tried to contact Judy. lol That extension is no longer a valid extension.

Crappy company!!

I spent almost 4 hours this morning trying to schedule my FIRST appointment, instead, I ended up demanding a full refund!!

Gutless people on't even answer the phones!!

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #1189377

I am having great difficulty getting somebody on the phone to answer. I have been on hold now for 45 minutes now.

I just signed up yesterday.

I am a new customer.

Please have somebody from down there , please call me at 615-289-5849. I have some serious concerns about this company.

There is no chat or e-mail contact options that I saw.

I need to post this problem.


to C.Castillo Petaluma, California, United States #1265822

Lousy company. Sub Par contractors.

Sub Par replacement materials.

Good at lying. RUN


RE: A.H.S. What their contract doesn't cover. And damage that their sub-contractors do to homes.


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