Update by user May 02, 2018

I tried to change my rating to 4 stars but the system wouldn't let me.

Update by user May 02, 2018

American Home Shield reached out to me to resolve this issue. They reimbursed the deductible for my refrigerator that was improperly diagnosed and sent a second inspector to verify the problem with the pool heater.

He agreed with the original diagnosis so the heater was not replaced. But they did what was necessary to satisfy me as a customer.

Original review posted by user Apr 02, 2018

I have 2 homes with a contract through American Home Shield. The first one I purchased in December. In February, the ice maker on my refrigerator quit working. Since my deductible was $125.00 it was cheaper and faster for me to simply buy another ice maker and install it myself, 5 screws at 10 minutes time. When that didn't fix it, I scheduled an appointment through American Home Shield. I told them, and the repair man when he called, that I had already replaced the ice maker. When he came out, he replaced it anyway and told me if it wasn't fixed to call him. That night, I called and told him it was still not working. He stated he would order a part and come back out when it arrived, he didn't say what part he ordered. In the meantime, I called a friend who told me the LG brand I own was notorious for the water line in the door freezing and the fix is to replace the door. They scheduled another appointment, I took off work a second time, and another repair person came out to install a water valve. After an hour or so they told me the water valve was defective and they would have to order another one. But, they claimed they verified that it was DEFINITELY the water valve.

After they left, I noticed the finish on the freezer door was peeling. I contacted LG and they scheduled someone to come and look at it. He came out on Saturday and then ordered a new door. The repair man from AHS called and scheduled another appointment with the valve they were sure would fix the problem. I took off work again and they installed it, though it didn't fix anything. I never called them back on this because LG was already sending a door which I was certain would fix the problem, it did. So I was out $125.00 to fix the refrigerator but to no avail. Additionally, we moved the refrigerator the other day because we are replacing the kitchen tile and found the tech from AHS broke the valve at the wall.

I recently closed on another home with a pool. Part of the arrangement was the previous owner would provide money toward a home warranty. I again chose AHS, though why I'm not sure, and paid extra for pool equipment coverage. The home was inspected and the inspector verified all the equipment was working, including the pool heater. A few weeks later, I tried to use the pool heater and could not get it to light. So, I contacted AHS and scheduled for someone to come out. He inspected the heater and essentially called the inspector a liar when he said he does not believe he ever got the heater to light, but my son in law witnessed that it did. They did find corrosion, which every pool repair company I spoke with said is common, causing problems with the heater preventing it from working. After paying the $75.00 in advance, required by AHS, they called this morning and denied the claim for corrosion...and also tried to claim that the corrosion is not "normal", definitely incorrect.

So, all I can say about American Home Shield is I have paid $200 in deductibles so far and they've never fixed anything. That is in addition to approximately $1500 in contract premiums, all paid in full. Would I recommend AHS to someone? Not at this time.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2900.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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