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People will never learn, no matter how much they are warned, to not use a home warranty. It is simply too financially intimidating to hire professional, honest tradesmen for home repairs.

Everyone is happy to pay for “peace of mind” and feel-good promises, but adults should realize there is no way to purchase peace, and nothing is guaranteed in real life. Moreover, everyone agrees it’s not wise to pay for services until after completion of the work, but for some reason, logical people have a brainfart and forget this basic principle when it comes to a home warranty. The homewarranty is already getting your money, and the contractor gets paid the same amount per call whether the call is denied or the work is performed. The amount he collects doesn’t change, and is little more than the service call fee you are paying.

What does vary, is the amount the contractor will have to SPEND on your claim—therefore the work will always be minimal. It’s a broken system, much like socialism. American consumers have high quality service expectations, but home warranty service can never meet those expectations, due to the fact that the money is simply not there for the contractors. The warranty company is the middle man, and they are getting all your money and not spending it on your behalf.

You lose control over your own home and give your money to a third party who couldn’t care less if you have working systems and appliances. They don’t have to live with you or even see you, and the blame usually gets shifted to the contractor, who will eventually be replaced, when the complaints or costs exceed AHS’ limit. All home warranties are the same, so don’t even bother trying to find a better one. AHS is the best.

They’re the oldest and most experienced at conning gullible people.

The customers need to look out for themselves and stop complaining. It’s an easy problem to solve—don’t use home warranties and they will go away!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Home Warranty.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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