I have discovered how aggrieved homeowners can turn the tables on home warranty companies and beat them at their own game. Please share this with everyone you know.

I’m an attorney and after having a problem with my home warranty company, American Home Shield, I decided to investigate whether other homeowners had experienced the same or a similar problem. What I found were web sites devoted to consumer complaints on which numerous homeowners had recounted incidents of fraud, deception, and rip-offs by their home warranty company. I also found a blog written by a former American Home Shield employee and another written by a former plumber for a home warranty company. Both recounted situations that would not pass the “smell test” in a court of law.

I also investigated lawsuits that had been filed against American Home Shield in Georgia, which is where I live. I found about 15 cases. The majority of cases had been filed in small claims court. As I reviewed the cases, I discovered that none of the cases had been litigated. In every instance, the case had been settled to the Plaintiff’s satisfaction although the details of each settlement were not part of the case file. With the knowledge that all cases had been settled to the homeowners’ satisfaction, I realized that American Home Shield would settle with an aggrieved homeowner before allowing a case to go to trial. My conclusion is that the only thing aggrieved homeowners need to do to beat home warranty companies at their own game is to file suit. The last thing American Home Shield wants to do is litigate a homeowner’s claim and the reasons are obvious to me.

The most obvious reason American Home Shield would not want to litigate a claim is that in most instances, the cost to American Home Shield to settle a claim would be less than the cost to litigate. The average amount of a claim in the cases I found was $3,800.00. Two were for less than $1,000.00 and only one was for more than $10,000.00. I’m sure far more than the 15 homeowners who have filed lawsuits in Georgia have had their claims denied. American Home Shield wins when a claim is denied and the homeowner does not sue, which is exactly what American Home Shield is counting on homeowners not doing.

Another reason American Home Shield does not want to litigate is because the company does not want to have to defend its craftily drafted contract or its questionable business practices, which is exactly what it would have to do if a case went to trial. American Home Shield also does not want such information to become public knowledge, which is also likely to happen. Additionally, a judge or a jury would also be hard pressed to return a verdict favorable to a company that engages in questionable business practices.

The final reason American Home Shield does not want to litigate is because a lawsuit actually places American Home Shield in a precarious situation. American Home Shield would have a difficult time defending any claim by a homeowner because the company has no first hand knowledge about the claim; it would need the testimony of the service contractor who, for its own reasons, may be less than eager to testify. The only knowledge American Home Shield has is what the company has been told by the service contractor. And any testimony from American Home Shield about what it was told by the service contractor is hearsay and not admissible in court.

To defend a claim, American Home Shield would need to subpoena the service contractor who actually made the diagnosis to testify about the claim. If the homeowner has done his/her homework, he/she would subpoena witnesses who could dispute the witnesses for American Home Shield. The homeowner should subpoena one or more service companies who had been called either for a second opinion or to make the actual repairs to dispute the testimony of the American Home Shield service contractor. The homeowner might also consider locating one or more other aggrieved homeowners to testify about their problem with American Home Shield. Another good witnesses for the homeowner to subpoena would be a former service contractor for the home warranty company or a former employee of a service contractor.

Since American Home Shield has at least three significant reasons why it does not want to litigate, the best and easiest way an aggrieved homeowner can beat American Home Shield at their own game (and most likely any other home warranty company) is to file suit. The one thing for an aggrieved homeowner to keep in mind is that if he/she does not sue, the home warranty company will win. But if he/she sues, the homeowner will most likely win. And that is how an aggrieved homeowner can beat American Home Shield at their own game.

My advice to aggrieved homeowners is not to stress over a denied claim, the denial of a situation as an emergency, repeated “band-aid repairs,” or a delay in authorization or in the repair of an item. I would also advise a homeowner not to waste time arguing with American Home Shield but to set a reasonable deadline for the appropriate action. Upon expiration of the deadline without receiving satisfaction from American Home Shield, the homeowner should then proceed as if they did not have a home warranty and then sue American Home Shield for reimbursement. The homeowner should also remember to document every action or inaction by both himself/herself and American Home Shield. Although the disadvantage to the homeowner is initially having to pay for the repairs, the advantage is that the homeowner can choose the service contractor and the brands and quality of products. I won’t guarantee all aggrieved homeowners will prevail every time but I have good reason to believe most aggrieved homeowners will prevail the majority of time.

For aggrieved homeowners whose claims were denied at sometime in the past, you may still be able to sue for reimbursement. To make that determination, the homeowner needs to research the statute of limitation for suing on a contract in their state. In any event, a homeowner should be safe filing suit for a claim that was denied during the past twelve (12) months.

Within the next six months, instead of reading homeowner’s stories about being scammed and ripped off by their home warranty company, I want to read stories about how homeowners turned the tables and beat their home warranty company at their own game.

If anyone has any questions, I can be contacted at LegalCohen@***.com.

Good luck.

Location: Reston, Virginia

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Excellent summary of options available.




I am desperstelybtrying toncontact this attirneyvas in lifecthrestening desoeratecsituation as result of AHS laing me for four months. Howevervused the email address provided by him and it returns to me as a bad enail address.


Does anyone know thec attorneys name or email? If so please contact pauline Cymet at paulibevhills@***.com Thanks


I have contacted an arbitration law firm, they are handling my claim against American home shield now, I have to get a new ac installed as well as roof repair due to the leaky rusted ac unit, I had to take out a loan for the whole unit. The process just started, I am hopeful.


I purchase AHS in May. They informed me that a 30 waiting period was required.

I said ok. In Aug 12, 2021 I filed a claim on my garage door. They sent out a garage door repair company and the tech said the cables were bad. They left the door open said parts needed to be ordered and left.

My son asked what should he do. I asked if he could secure the garage. He was not able until around 9 PM when my grandson arrived to help. I arrived back home in Tucson 0n 8/25/2021 and checked the garage door.

I was not able to detect bad cables on my garage door, but did observed the top of the garage door was bent causing to door to close off level. Called AHS and they said the order was over 7 days old and they could not do anything about the garage door.

Company is a fraud. Scammers.


I have been paying AHS for almost 12 years now and everytime I have issue with my a/c they always give me a hard time, sending their contractor that are trying to find ways so they don't pay, my a/c broke 5 days ago, until now I haven't heard anything from, I called them and they said they still reviewing the report, I'm 65 years old woman with no air conditioning in my house with a 115 degree temperature. They sent a contractor to check what's wrong with my a/c.

an on the report he put a "damaged coils not normal wear & tear" my son came just right after he wrote the report and my son asked question that he can not even answer. He put not normal wear & tear so the company won't pay for it, he also said that somebody try to clean it and poked something which caused the damage.

How could anyone just write whatever they want to write on the report, AHS are the one who's sending contractor here to check my a/c whenever it break. This is what I think, my a/c need a replacement and they trying to get away with that that's why they are writing a false report.


Seems like the same thing may be happening to me with my A/C and AHS.


I am 69 years old and have been without the use of my air conditioner for 5 to 6 days. They sent me a contractor from a low rated a/c company and hungry for business.

They told me that my evaporator coil was frozen and would take days before it would thaw out before evaluation of the needed repairs. After 4 days without any communication it was told that I would be responsible for $1,700 to be payed to a/c company before work could be started. I was later offered a “by out” where I fine my own company to do the work,but I would only receive $550.00 to close the case.

Before I could decide what I would do,they had sent me a Buy Out approval. These people are no more than Scam!


I printed every word of this post. I've been waiting 8 days for AHS to respond to my request for service on my AC which went out.

They took my $100 service fee, but have yet to call me. Thank you for the post!


Great advice. I have had bad experience with AHS as well.


American Home Shield is a garbage company do not believe their customers, hires unqualified contractors or vendors, all are not license they are only technicians with no experienced, do not I mean do not take out this home warranty. Going to sue them when I get all of my note's together and expose them on my local news channel.


Thank you--


on my way to the court house now


we need to get a class action against american home shield now

@kelli S Aqx

Mad as *** They have stolen my hard earned money and will not honor their advertisement; this is thievery at it’s best!!!!! Shame on you AHS!!!!!




I have had them out to my house 4 times and paid $75 for every visit and problems still not solved. Waited on the phone for two ours and they answered and hung up.

Called again and waited two more hours and couldn't understand the persons english. Now waiting for AC and plumber again and probably get charged again another $75.

I am beginning to think this is just a way of getting money for visits and not doing repairs or come up with a different story each time. Buyers beware of this company.


I'm very thankful for this accounting of American Home Shield because they are crooks and seem to believe that if the amount is not that much you will let it go. I'm determined to hold American Home Shield Accountable and have them inform Bank of America whose card they erroneously used without my permission that they will remove those charges from my CLOSED Bank of America Credit Card.

I have A+ credit and I want to keep it that way but not by paying fraudulent charges by American Home Shield.

Thank you for your post! Disgruntled Ruby


My AC broke American home shield have refereed me to contractor that cost me $1000.46 plus $100. deductible liar .

as they advertise that they would cover the system accept Freon. Ask to send registration for my compressor never received


But just know... do not tell anyone your gonna do it yourself because the EPA and states have codes that require anyone that handles the old stuff with a Section 8 refrigerant cert.

They have anonymous complain reporting for any you suspect of doing any kind of work with refrigerant not being qualified. Not making that up... read it for yourself on the EPAs site. Research goes a long way.

If it's not the old stuff R-22 I think your good. But look it up...

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