My hot water heater stopped working like 3 weeks ago. I contacted AHS and they sent a technician out in like 2 days.

The technician stated that the wrong size heater was installed and it needed to be replaced. AHS had the tank replaced by a company that they sent to my house in August of 2011. AHS has denied the claim to repair my hot water heater because its the wrong size. I have went back and forth with them on this because it was a company that they sent here that installed the wrong size, not me.

As of today, we received a final word that they will not cover it.

I am mad and disgusted because they are definitely liable and won't take ownership. I feel this company continuously looks for ways not to pay for services that I pay them monthly to cover.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Location: Petersburg, Virginia

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You home warranty customers must be high to believe the promises of stress-free, no hassle, repairs and replacements. How do intelligent, rational beings make the decision to be so easily duped?!

At some point, you must have been suspicious, and then just decided to roll with it and buy the plan or keep renewing it. Maybe it’s because one time it worked for somebody, and they had a good experience. That is unusual. What is normal, is what happened in your situation: delay and denial.

Funny thing is, people with a home warranty mentality will switch to a different home warranty company, and flush some more money down their non-working toilet.

Wise up, People! It’s time to acknowledge that there is nobody more willing than YOU to pay for your repairs, and if you aren’t willing, then just learn to live without the modern conveniences of civilized society.


Stop wasting your money. Be sure to properly cancel this contract in writing at least 30 days before the end of the final billing cycle.

Serve your demand to cease and desist via Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested. Use your money your way and regain control of your life. I can't imagine waiting around for some third party to handle every day incidents.

By the way, that's about the usual life for a water heater 8-10 years so you're due for a new one, not another patch job. Take control and stop whining.

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