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First of all, any company that will not provide information on how to contact company headquarters KNOWS they have a problem and has chosen to to address. Second of all, when you have to call Customer Service to complain about Customer Service - you know it's time to run.

The biggest of many issues I had is that I had an immediate EMERGENCY and the rep kept me on the phone for 20 MINUTES asking questions before she would dispatch someone to address the fact that my basement was filling up with water at a rate of about an inch every 5 minutes. In the time I was on the phone trying to tell them I had an EMERGENCY, my basement filled up by 4-5 inches. Then, when the idiot rep FINALLY got all my information (most of it twice) she put my on hold to contact dispatch and disconnected me. I had to call back and sit on hold for another 15 minutes before someone picked up the phone and then told me they would have someone there within 24 hours.

When I tried to complain and tell them I now had secondary damage because of their incompetence they told me that this was not covered by my policy.

And there was basically nothing I could do about it and no one I can escalate this to. Regret buying this "protection."

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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I don't recommend any of these "home warranty" things but in your case, AHS is not the people to call when your basement is flooding. If you don't know where the water main shutoff in your home is, then run---run next door and have a neighbor help you find it.

However, now you know you are just wasting money on a warranty service that has inadequate customer service. Best to put the money you are paying them monthly in a bank account for use when something breaks and you have to call a local plumber, repairman, etc.


Always know where the water shutoff is. You should have done that first, before making any calls.

As for emergencies, life and death situations and hazardous situations, a home warranty is definitely not built for speed. It’s built for cost effectiveness.

Those two don’t go together. You have to pick one or the other, and by using a home warranty you chose cost as your most desirable factor.

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