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Do not pay for a warranty with this company. They are horrible!!!

I would give 0 stars if possible.

First Ill talk about the HVAC. We have been having issues with our AC for years, but this summer was the worst! They have sent someone out literally every month since May to fix a 22-year-old unit. Keep in mind, it is now October.

Last week was the last straw. They have replaced every part of the unit, except the unit itself. It seems like it would have been more cost-effective to just replace it, but not AHS. The contractor said the evaporator coils needed to be replaced.

AHS told us we would need to pay for 8 pounds of Freon at $120 a pound. WHY would we put another $1000 into such an old unit that we are guaranteed to have problems out of again in the next month or so?! Plus we already sunk money into it for coding upgrades and Freon earlier in the summer. We also had to buy portable units just so we could survive the heat until the parts arrived and they could actually get someone out to do the repairs.

We have 4 kids and one of them is special needs. They cannot be in this type of heat for extended periods. We told them that was unacceptable since they have sent people out 5 times this summer alone to repair the unit. We have been with them for over 8 years and demanded the unit be replaced at this point.

Of course, they refused and said they were within the contract terms to fix it yet again. We could get it fixed ourselves, but they would only offer $650 after we sent them in proof of repair. The contractor we brought out said the unit was not worth repairing and should be replaced, but they still refused. We cancelled our contract and replaced it ourselves.

RUN from this company!!!

Second, it took them a month to get a part to repair our oven. Since the entire stove had to be unplugged because the oven kept overheating, our family was without the entire stove in the middle of a pandemic. This was during the summer and with vulnerable people in the house, we stayed home and cooked everyday. The customer service reps constantly lied about the part and when it was coming in.

At first, they couldnt find it and kept asking for more time. After 2 weeks, I told them to replace the oven since they couldnt find the part. Magically, they could see that the part was ordered and on its way, but due to Coronavirus, there were shipping delays. The part finally came in after a month.


Finally, good luck speaking to a supervisor or manager. They dont exist. The reps claim theyll have to put in a request and theyll call back but they never do. Most of the reps are foreigners who act like they dont understand you or cant hear you when they dont want to deal with you anymore.

It takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes just to get someone on the phone. The reps will lie!

As a military family, my husband wanted us to be able to have someone deal with repairs whenever he was deployed. I never thought we would have to go through so much agony with a company especially since were paying to have some security that our home will be taken care of. Use the money you would use to pay their premiums and put it in a savings for home repairs needed throughout the year.

Build a rapport with repair companies and get extended warranties for new appliances. AHS is not worth the money or the headache.

My neighbors had a similar issue and cancelled as well. I went with them because I heard they were a good company, but not anymore.

User's recommendation: RUN! Do not buy a warranty with AHS!

Location: Hampton, Virginia

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