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my over the range microwave broke , man came out said he will try to get the part,they never called me to tell me they cant get the part. I called them said part no longer available/ they order a microwave for me I give them all the information they send one that I would have to remodel my cabinets to get it in .

it was hugh. I sent it back. now they say its my fault sinse I said a ge would be fine,i gave them dimensions from the old appliance book. im a senior citizen and so far im out 163.50 because there is a restocking fee since I sent it back.

some of the appliance order dept. were rude. on hold 30 to 40 min, every time you call,all I want is a microwave installed that fits.i have already contacted the better business bureau. all I want is the service they say on commercials that they promise.

thinking cancel and go some where else. horrible service

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The BBB is a useless complaint forum that is a scam themselves. They are extortionists who don’t care how it turns out for the customer, and they have no power.

If you consult the BBB so much, why didn’t you look up AHS before you bought the home warranty, or check this site to see all the complaints? You would have bought the plan anyway, due to the fact that people are gullible when they want something to be a great deal, even when common sense tells you otherwise.

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