I placed a repair request online on 7.15.2022. Ref.

Service #13373****.

No one can tell me anything at the service center other than someone will be contacting me. Here we are 15 plus days out and no one from your service department has reached out to me. I have already paid my initial $100.00 service fee. Im rather disturbed that youve taken my money but have not done your part in locating me a local vendor to service my AC.

I spoke with one of the local companies you use for AC service. They said that they have not received anything from you. I asked if hed call you to verify my service number and I was told that they cannot do that.

I find it funny that neighbors surrounding me have gotten there AC units repaired or serviced through AHS with quick response.

Why is it that Ive been waiting?

I would like an answer pronto! Im getting rather ticked off about this.

Location: Bakersfield, California

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