My experience is the combo plan is waste of money.

Appliance package ok as it seems they send out quality contractors and will replace if necessary.

A/C package waste of money. They will never replace according to their techs and other reviews.

Their contractor tried to sell me a new unit when not needed, bad mouthed AHS, and wanted to charge me $100 per pound for refrigerant when you I could get it through other contractors for as little as $10 per pound (ironic that $10 per pound is all AHS will cover). Theyll also told me that you cant add new refrigerant to old refrigerant. You have to drain it all out and only warranted for 90 daysthey make more money if I fell for that!. AHS cash out option was $190 (amount theyll give you if you go with your own contractor and fix in your own) for what their contractor would bill me $1100-$1300!!!

Now to the water heater!

A joke! They insist I need all these adapters and modifications not covered due to the new energy efficiency codes because the units are bigger. $765 for these modifications. Waiting to see what cash out option is.

Talking with the plumbing contractor they sent out, basically was told the rates using AHS is much higher than if you contracted them out direct, but you cant do that because then Im on my own for the water heater!!! Three calls to customer service and still no answer how much cash out option would be!!!

Their website is very easy to use to schedule service. However, to reach someone by phone you are on hold for over an hour before anyone answers. The last two agents have been located in Trinidad!!!

Not even the US.

They cant answer any questions, just scripted answers! And no one has called me back!!

Horrible horrible customer service.

User's recommendation: Save what would be your monthly fee in a household account and use your own contractors on your own. You’ll be money ahead!

Location: Peoria, Arizona

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