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I placed a service call for 2 leaky faucets. AHS sent a contractor out to repair.

The next day the leak was still there (BOTH SINKS). Called AHS for a recall, tech came out and PROPERLY fixed the issue. AHS contacts me and states I have to pay another $100 service fee because it was a SEPERATE issue. (the first call was for the aerator, the 2nd call was for the cartridge).

BOTH items should have been PROPERLY fixed on the first call as the faucets were still leaking! Next up .. my water heater.. I had AHS out TWICE for my heater and the techs stated they "fixed the issue" and my water heater was in good condition.

However he did recommend that I replace my expansion tank and that it will give out "any day" (AHS does not cover expansion tanks). I declined. I finally contacted an outside company (paid for out of my own pocket) to do an assessment of my water heater. I was told I DO NOT NEED an expansion tank but I DO NEED A NEW water heater, I have mold growing behind the water heater due to a WATER LEAK, my vent flue was "somehow" Disconnected (I will attach pics taken by the plumber I called myself).

and my water pan is BADLY damaged due to water corrosion! .. I call AHS for the THIRD TIME .. another tech under AHS comes out and then states "everything looks to be working and I see no sign of a leak" ….

I HAVE TOWELS IN THE WATER PAN to soak up the water and mold growing on my wall behind the water heater BECAUSE OF A LEAK! .. (I will attach pics). The tech FINALLY says he will submit the claim to replace my water heater.

AHS calls back and tells me, it will be a $600 out of cost pocket for "modifications" and a new water pan. At this point, I am looking at how to recover damages for the mold seeing as though i was told TWO TIMES nothing was wrong my water heater!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The reason for these delay tactics in fixing your issues is that AHS only pays the contracted plumber the service fee and that’s it. So it takes you paying out of your pocket for non-covered items or multiple service fees for the plumber to fix anything.

Please think about this, everyone: Each and every time AHS or any home warranty responds to your new service call, the contractor is only getting paid a tiny amount of money, which will be the same amount whether he does nothing at all. There is no monetary incentive for the plumber to pay for parts or a new water heater, faucet, HVAC system, etc because he can’t recoup the money from AHS. Ask AhS about this and they will tell you that they will cover whatever the contractor recommends. However, what they don’t tell you is that the plumber will get fired if he charges AHS more than the service fee.

Think on this for a bit. You’ll never get anything out of a home warranty this way.

If you do, it’s actually the contractor paying for it, not AHS as you’d expect. It’s a game everyone is playing.

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