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I have been with American Home Shield for several years. Unfortunatley I'm always busy and didn't try to find another company before . Until Now .

I really opened my eyes when I received a text message from one of their vendors explaining to me that other companies will cover everything with less stress and the steps that I need to do . WOW The service is horrible specially when the company needs to order parts. AHS always refuse to the pay for several reasons/excuses . I always request another opinion from another vendor and always came different . This has been the only way that they pay for my repairs . Always want to charge me additional 75 Dlls for another opinion.

In other words I always need to fight back for any repairs .

Don't waist your time with them .

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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All home warranty companies are scams. Home warranty companies do not make money by losing money.

Everyone with a home warranty is also trying to pull a scam of their own, in that they don’t want to pay for service on equipment they know is overdue for replacement. Nobody buys a home warranty on a new house with new equipment. The vendors are scammers because in order to work for a home warranty company, they have to work under the financial constraints mandated by the home warranty company. The warranty vendors cannot perform their trade in a normal retail market manner, because there is little, if any room in the budget.

Yet the warranty customers expect instant response from the warranty company and the contractors, along with customer control over the claim and repair or replacement process, without having to spend any of their own money. If the customer demands A-List contractors who are available 24/7, wear booties, drive $70,000 work trucks, and don’t have a tattoo, those companies are available for hire, but not by tightwad home warranty companies and their frugal customers because they are too cheap to pay. Please realize that when you choose to prioritize COST as the most important factor, you will sacrifice TIME and QUALITY, and your CONTROL over the entire process.

How can that ever work out? Hence, all the complaining.

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