I bought my house with the first year of AHS service included in the home sale. The seller chose AHS as a home warranty.

My AC unit went out. Ahs has refused to replace the AC unit, even after verification of a LEAK in a non-repairable unit, meaning I would be replacing the refrigerant continuously, and the refrigerant is NOT covered by the AHS contract.

I tried to cancel my account but was told by agent AF if I supplied the invoice for my AC replacement, she could assure me a cash- out because she could see in the record that a cash-out was deserved. She said the cash-out would not be possible on a closed account. I supplied her, as directed, with the invoice by email, directly to her email.

No answer, I sent the email again, asking for a response. Again, nothing. I called AHS and was told the only thing they could do was to have AF or a supervisor call me back. NO callback from AF or a supervisor.

I called AHS again, speaking to agent Field. He said he could do nothing except have someone call me back. I asked him to send me an email, simply to verify that we had spoken and that he was directing someone to call me back. He said he could not do that.

I asked to speak with a supervisor. He said no supervisor was available. I told him that was NOT adequate customer service. He told me that was my opinion, he could do nothing.

I called a different AHS number, supposedly in the United States, and spoke with Crystal, who gave me similar answers but was at least polite. I asked what her location was, and she responded, the Caribbean. I asked for a # in the United States and she said all numbers are routed to available agents. She, too, could not let me talk with a supervisor.

She said a supervisor would call me in 48 hours. I explained that my phone provider may block what is identified as a scam call. I requested an email. She said she could not do that.

I requested a text, prior to any call, to avoid a block on a possible scam call. She said she could not do that.

This has taken MONTHS, and they continue to auto-debit my credit card. Arrrrgh!

User's recommendation: Please, for your own sake, do not do business with this company. They will take your money and give you terrible service.

Location: Roswell, Georgia

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