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3 weeks ago and 3 contractors later, I am still waiting to have my Dishwasher repaired. The 3 contractor that came out to my home on Aug 27 has yet to turn in any information for AHS to I can't even request a new repairman until this guy turns in something???What kind of service department is that????

Very disappointed in AHS. So techically, a repairman can ignore his responsiblities forever based on current ASH policy???? No timeline to fix an appliance???

Seriously???? AHS better step up soon or I will report the to BBB for breech of contract.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

American Home Shield Cons: Like of communication from vendor and ahs.

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we too... ,my parents are elderly and pop is terminally ill and we are and still waiting after 19 days past with no gas in home for our elderly parents.

they6 sent out appliance person from Hot shot he came in looked at it said I cant do this and left with no info to my parents walked out door with no word to them. then sent out big kountry appliance he then said we need plumber...(wall oven unit) needs regulator valve replace.. but first need plumber to install emergency shut off valve and ball valve for pipe to oven. then they send DNB plumbing he finds 2 more leaks and repairs and then states AHS wont pay for modification needed on pipe for emergency shut off valve and ball valve for gas pipe to wall oven unit.

HMMMM???? 19 days and 4 different visits later by 2 different appliance comp 1 plumbing Co. "by the way very professional and nice Gentlemen from DNB" who called to AHS and they got mad at him? for trying to assist in this issue by explaining the whole mess of things?

HMMM!?? problem still not resolved.! is this how they treat there elderly and infirm clients? WOW!!

very bad.

going to write a legal written complaint against AHS. what we need and are asking from AHS to complete there service promissed within a reasonable time limit and 19days with out gas for our elderly parents is unacceptable!!

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