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Our heat went out and we have American home shield. We called and scheduled for someone to come look at it.

The contractors from Greenway services came out and told us we needed a new inside and outside unit so we purchased a new trane unit. One man came to install the unit. When he said he was finished I went and looked things over. There was a rectangle hole in our wall approximately 7inx20in.

I asked if he was going to fix it and he said he didn't know what to fix it with. I told him this was unacceptable and it had to to be fixed. He gave me someone's number and i call the man. The man said he would get someone to come out and fix it.

I sent pictures showing the measurements but instead of them fixing it a man came out after a week of waiting and took pictures again and did not fix it. I had to call again after another week of waiting and was then told they had to order a part. They then finally came out and fixed the gapping hole in our wall. My mother told the man that the unit was blowing out cold air He looked things over and said everything was fine.

Everything was "Not" fine. We had no heat. I called and spoke to the same man from the first time and he said he would let them know and see about getting someone out to our house to look at the unit. We waited two days and nobody came or called.

I called on a Friday and was told they would have someone to come out on Saturday. Saturday came and nobody came by 2pm. I called again and was given the technician's name and number that was supposed to have already called me. I called him and he said he couldn't get out there because they had him going all over the place and he couldn't make it but he would get another man to come out Sunday first thing.

Sunday came and no tech and no call. I called the first tech and he gave me the 2nd tech's number. I called him and he said he would be there in a couple of hours. He shows up and looks at the unit.

He comes in the house and says he doesn't have the tools to fix it and he would get the company to send someone else out to fix the unitand for us to run the unit on emergency heat until they send someone. Monday morning comes and no tech, afternoon nothing and then evening still nothing. I called on Tuesday and the lady told we had not been put on the service sheet and she would have another lady to call me back. I never received any calls because their phones were down.

Finally on Wednesday they send a tech to fix it. He changed the valve on the outside unit turns the thermostat on 77 degrees and says it's fixed and leaves. I came home from work and see the that it's on 77 degrees and its been that way for at least 3 hours. I immediately turn the unit back down to 71 where we keep it.

It starts to blow out cold air again. I call again and tell the only man that seems to want to help us. He said he would get another man to come out and look at it. The man finally showed up and the Freon levels were all messed up and he had to fixed the levels.

It took two weeks to get our brand "New" unit fixed. We had to run the heat on emergency heat. I called the Corp office in Memphis and was turned over to customer relations. I told everything that we had been through and told her we felt tjat it was only fair for them to pay 30% of our electric bill because we had to run the unit for 50% of the month.

The lady said she would talk to management and see what she could do and call me back. I believe 30% was more than fair especially after being without heat during some very cold temperatures. She called back and said they could give us thier VIP service which would include them coming out ain the spring and fall and cleaning the unit. We have seen how long it takes them to do something...or they would give 50 dollars.

I told her i guess i didn't have much of a choice and took 50 dollars. I still fill like they should have at least given us 83 dollars because of everything that my family had to go through because of their unit and their company. Please beware of this company. This company has poor communication skills, poor business practices and poor customer service skills.

They should have gone out of their way to show a very upset customer that they cared about the horrible experiences they had to endure with their company but they did not they offered a minimal 50 dollars and thought that would put me on my way. It did it put toward writing about our exhausting experiences.

Product or Service Mentioned: Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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