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Called for repair on our clothes dryer and we were dispatched to ACE APPLIANCE REPAIR in Pgh, PA , Dispatch #49129****.

We were serviced by Matt who was knowledgeable, efficient and quite competent! He replaced a Thermal Fuse and we are fine now and can dry our clothes! Very pleased!

Thank you!!!

Reason of review: Good quality.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Glad you had a good experience, but take into consideration that this was a quick fix using a stock part that cost $1.99-5.00. If the repair required a $200+ special order motherboard or a motor, or the dryer was so old that parts were unobtainable, the outcome might not have been positive.

In your situation, the technician make $150 or so and only used a $5 part (which was probably a truck stock item, not requiring a trip across town and another appointment) and a few minutes of his time.

Where it gets dicey is when the same $150 the tech gets is expected to cover a major repair or a replacement dryer. The tech can’t charge AHS any more or he will be fired by AHS, or bumped so far down the list that he won’t get any cal volume from AHS.

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