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My hot water tank leaked on a Sunday and AHS pre-recorded answering system wanted the $100 upfront fee without having a live person actually actioning an emergency response when I called. I had to go ahead and take care of the issue myself by replacing the tank myself.

I had recommended AHS to my next door neighbor too and they ended up joining AHS. In short, their hot water tank leaked and they waited for 4 days for an initial truck to come and check it. It would have been an extra week and a half to actually replace to a new tank..

Theirs actually leaked in the weekend too and even though they had a work order by AHS, they had to go ahead and replace the tank themselves due to AHS causing so much delay. I dont think theres any emergency service speciality in the middle of winter.

This was the reason, I did not rely on AHSs probable quality of service

AHS never reimbursed be for any costs etc.

even though they asked me to fax the receipts. they made all sorts of lame excuses. AHS - this is the 3 time Let me down, so I had to give them the boot.

My advice - Stay clear of AHS. Its very sweet talk etc when you join in, but try to make to make and see the amount of runaround you get.

Location: Auckland, Auckland

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You can’t save both the money and time. You have to pick which one is most important to you, and obviously fast and cheap don’t correlate.

The best way to handle emergencies is to take care of them yourself. Need help fast? Not an option with a home warranty.

Need help cheaply? Probably not going to work out for you with a home warranty, but the only way to find out is to pay your money and roll the dice.

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