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We have had an membership with AHS in both of the homes that we have owned and having appliances and systems repaired has been truly been a seamless process. Now that I actually need something REPLACED it's an entirely different story. I have been out of a refrigerator since mid-February and this is completely unacceptable. At the initial call, there was an approximate 10 day wait to have someone come out from Sears. When I reminded the agents how crucial a refrigerator is, especially for someone that has to store medicine in it, they offered to search for another contractor that could get us in sooner. Twice they assigned someone that could not service the refrigerator, twice the contractors called in to say that they either didn't service refrigerators at all or did not service our brand. Since the agents did not confirm this before assigning us to other contractors, we lost our initial appointment time with Sears and now we are about 14 days out for repairs.

Repair Day- Very professional tech from Sears arrives and diagnoses the refrigerator. We need three new parts and they had to be ordered. I was disappointed but at least it was getting repaired. Another 10 days. We waited.

Repair Day II- Same tech arrives. Opens boxes and is shocked at how damaged the compressor is. Says that the part needs to be reordered and repairs need to be rescheduled. Again. Another 10 days go by. I am frustrated and this is getting very expensive. At my request, we were authorized to purchase a dormitory sized refrigerator and get reimbursed. We wait.

Repair Day III- Same Sears tech arrives. The outside of all of the boxes look great. No external evidence of damage to the compressor and all are optimistic. This has to be it, right? WRONG!!! The compressor still appears to be damaged. He He tried to install the piece so that he could at least get us serviceable again, even if he meant that he would have to come back out. It didn't work at all. At this point he calls his supervisor who says that they can not repair the appliance because there are issues with shipping this part. Additionally they are the ONLY company that services this brand of refrigerator. Due to the length of time that we have been out of service and the difficulty to repair the appliance, he and his supervisor BOTH recommended replacement. The AHS supervisor wanted to know if AHS could order the part themselves (as if that would help). The repair tech advised them that it was not an ordering issue but a SHIPPING issue. Someone from AHS was supposed to call to follow up. I never got that call so I called them.

Call I- The first agent advised me that my work order had been closed and there were no notes to confirm what I said. I called Sears (A and E) to request that they forward their notes since, apparently, AHS didn't have them and they said that it would take 24-48 hours.

Call II- I called AHS back immediately and the agent was able to see the original documentation. I spent over 30 minutes on the phone with her while she relayed information back and forth to the "supervisor". They offered to find other contractors and everything else except to replace it. I have already called around independently on my own and NO ONE services that brand. They have all referred me back to Sears. Additionally, this is not a SEARS issue so I am not sure how another contractor would solve the problem but I am willing to try anything at this point.

This morning I received a call from yet another service provider. I was very excited but I am not sure why. Even with that it was very short lived. He asked what was wrong with the refrigerator and when I explained it he became very quiet. He does not work on compressors and nor does he service our brand.

Call III- After speaking with the last tech, I called again. The poor rep offered the same things that have been offered in the past, (Expedited search, though I am not sure how expeditious it could be, it's been well over a month. Outside authorization- Been there, done that) I am now on hold to actually speak with one of these highly evasive "supervisors". It has been almost two hours and I am STILL waiting for someone to pick up. Is this the business model?

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $3800.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

American Home Shield Pros: Friendly on phone, Ability to submit service request, Contractors rock.

American Home Shield Cons: Bad customer care, Lacks follow through.

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