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I have a pipe leak somewhere in my home that I have been trying to have fixed through American home shield since 1/25/19. Every day it's not getting fixed my water bill is rising.

Why won't you help me me?

I pay my contact fees and you hang up on me? HELP PLEASE

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Claim.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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First, the leak has to be located. Have they located the leak?

Secondly, the plumber will try to have the claim denied by AHS, because that’s what they have to do: Look for a reason NOT to cover something, rather than look for a reason TO cover it. The plumber wants to get paid if he does the work, but his agreement with AHS is that he will accept the service fee you paid, and not bill AHS. To get a “feel” for how much the repair should cost, call an independent non-AHS plumber for a quote. Then you will see why it isn’t getting repaired by the AHS plumber.

Some aspects of the repair may be partially denied by AHS, even if a complete denial won’t stick. Things such as leak detection services, access issues, damaged pipe, etc will not be covered.

You might as well go abead and have the independent plumber make the repairs while you have him there, because AHS probably isn’t going to do what you expect them to. And to answer your next question: you DON’T need a home warranty and if it seems as if you are paying charges and fees for nothing, it’s because you are.

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