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Our AC caught fire in August. It took 7 days for them to get them to send someone out here.

Weeks later we had another issue. Took another week. While waiting we had another company come and inspect it and said that it is so corroded that they couldn’t even clean it because it would cause more problems. But American home shield told them to patch it yet again.

So if it shorts out and burns my house down American home Shield are they gonna pay to have it rebuilt since the problem could have been fixed but they refused. Worst freakin people to deal with.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why didn’t you let the “other company that you had come inspect it” install a new system, since that was their recommendation? You know, when you handle problems yourself your options are limitless.

When you buy a home warranty plan, those options are not there. You always have the cashout option. They will give you a few hundred dollars, which is all the contractor would get. Or, you can pursue the repair option at the mercy of the contractor.

Actually, many of the home warranty HVAC contractors are very skilled and creative at their trade, due to the fact that they have no choice but to work on the biggest junk pile units that should have been scrapped years ago. Unfortunately for the customers, those repairs take forever, because it is like rebuilding a old car, part by part. When parts are not obtainable, or too expensive, they have to engineer a different solution using ingenuity. The amount of money they are paid by AHS does not vary from customer to customer: they get paid a small flat rate no matter what they do.

The customers with the more difficult or expensive repairs (like a burned up unit) will likely be out of service for an extended period. Don’t be an idiot and keep a home warranty for years, waiting for your unit to finally die, because the home warranty HVAC tech will either get your big claim denied on a technicality, opt to attempt dubious repairs while you suffer, or lastly, recommend a replacement and price-gouge you with inflated out of pocket expenses.

Wise up. Cancel those plans, people.


Because I don’t have 11,000 dollars to pay for a new system which is why I have the home warranty.


A new HVAC system is not $11,000. We install any size HVAC system for $6,000, and we are not the cheapest company around.

Save up, sell something of value, or forego the vacation plans, eating out, etc. to take care of this another way, because obviously, a home warranty is a scam and they are all terrible. When you call out your own HVAC company, hire a small, local, new guy in business type of company—just make sure he is licensed with both the state and the city, and insured. Don’t buy a new unit off the internet (because despite what they say, there is no manufacturer’s warranty) and don’t hire a “guy who works for an HVAC guy” because he cannot warranty it either, and has no liability.

We make about $3000 on the sale of a new system, but we are liable for the unit throughout the years to come. The reason your quote was $11,000 is either you were going to finance it (bad idea, you pay double) or they wanted to make an extra $5,000 profit (must be nice) or they are trying to sell you new ductwork (which is unnecessary 99% of the time). Home warranties are awful, and it’s about time people figures that out. The only way to “put them out of business” is for consumers to “wise up” and walk away from them.

They aren’t violating any laws. There is no law against stupidity.

@Anonymous contractor

I am in SW Florida. The house is 3000 sq ft and all the duct work, air handler and the outside unit needs to be replaced and another return needs to be added towards the back of the house.

@Anonymous contractor

If the house is 3000 square feet, and there is only one HVAC system in South Florida, you probably already know it is a poorly designed house as far as the HVAC goes. It must be a 5 ton split, the largest made, and no matter what you replace it with, it will likely be inadequate.

We would replace the air handler and condenser for $6000-6500, depending on air handler access and modifications. The ductwork replacement is probably unnecessary, and won’t change much. Better to split the house into 2 separate systems, if you want greater efficiency and less overworking of your system. No wonder the thing caught fire!

There is NO WAY a home warranty company will EVER make you happy with that mess.

That is a horrible mess of a system. 5 ton systems should not even exist in construction.

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