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I owned an appliance repair company for 35 years. I have since retired.

We had 4 service trucks, so a smaller business. We ran in total 8 to 10 service calls per day for American Home Shield. We were what AHS called a " preferred vendor" I'll spare the details of what led us to that title but to keep the volume of calls coming at the rate we requested we had a budget. Let's say $150 per completed call.

That's parts and labor. So, let's think about that. 1.( if there was more than 1 appliance on the work order it was considered 1 completed call. That's why you are charged separate service fees if there's 2 different appliances on 1 repair order.

Or I say you should. 2.( the appliance was not repairable for any reason i.e., parts not available, too much labor involved to make it operational, parts alone cost more than the appliance was worth it was put into what's called " options" What's options? Well, it's how AHS screws it's vendors into taking the buget hit for replacement costs. AHS would add this replacement cost, let's say $1000 for a new refrigerator to our repair budget numbers.

We did not sell appliances. But that $1000 was added to our monthly repair numbers putting further strain on an already tight budget limit. Now, they never held a gun to our head making us accept work from them. Costs to obtain customers through paid advertising was expensive even 10 years ago.

That's why putting more than 1 item on a work order causes companies to cut corners. Also it leads to the feeling by your repair guy that " this thing has to get fixed at any cost" I can't take another buy out. If it cost $1200 to fix a $500 frig or washer, that's fine. At least I get the money.

The other way I buy this homeowner a new appliance and submit a bill to AHS for just the service call. $75 or $100.

but taking a $1000 hit. Get it?

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