My Ac isn't working. you had next gen air conditioning come out.

he stated is issue was the condenser. I was told I had to cover $2600 of the $2900 bill. the company has refused to give is a quote and I received the breakdown from ahs. there are several items on the bill that are straight out fraud.

$225 locking caps. there are locking caps on it and can be reused. $300 level pad, my ac unit is on a cement pad. $200 Uv protectant my copper wire has one on it and can be reused.

refrigerant- well apparently ahs didn't do the $10 pound/per and had me paying the full amount. Electric apparently they are charging me $500 to flip the circuit breaker as their is no electrical work to be done on a compressor. $150 copper wiring funny that was replaced last year and is not needing replacing again. not sure why ahs wouldn't be covering what the contract states.

I wanted a 2nd opinion to verify the pricing which I already know are bogus as my son in law is a ac manager and he looked over these charges, but I was told if they come up with the same diagnois's that I would have to pay another $100. having had home warranty for 20+ years I have never been told that nor have I been told I had to pay whatever the contractor states on his quote. I have tried to reach this company numerous times and they won't return my call, nor will your company send out someone that will actually do the work and give me a honest quote. I have asked for a manager to call but its been 96 hours and still no call.

I need someone to call me with a solution to this mess I have been put in.

of yes the cash out offer. the compressor cost $300 and the labor alone is more than $35 along with refrigerat cost of your portion and electric cost etc....

User's recommendation: Do not go with American home shield their customer service is off shore and they don’t help or solve the issue.

Location: Granbury, Texas

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