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We're in subrogation with insurance companies. AHS removed themselves and doesn't care regardless.

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AHS send a poorly trained contractor out to fix my washing machine He botched the job which resulted in three rooms in my home flooding. I called AHS only to be told "We're not responsible for water damage, sir." They even charged me the $75 fee for the visit.

Contractor not accepting responsibility. AHS not accepting responsibility.

The result? I'm out nearly $4,000 to cover my home insurance deductible and AHS could care less. Read your agreement...they clearly state they are not liable for anything. They hire lackluster contractors who *** repair jobs and then tell you "too bad."

Scam. Horrible company. Don't know how their employees sleep at night.

I do not recommend.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: My home insurance deductible covered.

American Home Shield Pros: You can do most things via the online portal.

American Home Shield Cons: House getting flooded due to their incompetent contractors.

Location: Round Rock, Texas

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Calling BS on the poorly trained contractor botched the job. Could be that your plumbing is faulty or that the broken machine was actually broken, or broke further.

People want to blame somebody for every mishap in life—it must be someone’s fault, right?! Someone other than YOU should pay for the cleanup and repairs, correct?

The last person to touch it broke it. Well that’s just bull because it was already broken or you wouldn’t have called for service.


The motor was broken in the machine and the contractor broke the pressure valve replacing a control board, causing the flooding. I should not be responsible for these issues. You’re an idiot.


Excuse me, you are the idiot for using a home warranty and for trying to fix a broken washing machine. Go down to Home Depot and get a new machine, is what you ought to do.

Or else you might flood your house.

Just a thought. My house did not get flooded, yours did, dummy.


If I did not have a home warranty then you would be correct; however, AHS should have initially replaced the machine rather than try to fix it, if it were deemed irreparable which eventually it was. This is the issue — their failure to properly remedy a home warranty issue.

What’s the point of having AHS if they fail at providing proper support or if I’m on the hook to replace my appliances out of my own pocket when they break? You seem to be unable to grasp the basic concepts at work here, but thanks for trying.


The basic point that I understand, and you don’t, is that there is no point to having AHS, except to send them your money for a false sense of security. The repairman knows that the appliance needs replacing, but he is hired by AHS for the service fee you pay, to keep AHS’ costs to that amount.

Since there is no money coming from AHS except the service fee YOU paid, the repairman is only able to seek a claim denial or attempt a repair at his own expense. If he can keep AHS’ average costs per claim down to the service fee, he will get ALL their appliance work orders in your area, in a 100+ mile radius. They don’t use any company that doesn’t play their game. If the contractors don’t play right, the Contractor relations representative at AHS will either give their contractors an “attitude adjustment” or recruit new contractors.

If that fails, AHS will replace the Contractor Relations Rep in your state with a new one. AHS will NOT put up with repairmen charging anything over the targeted average cost per call.

They don’t care how it is done—it’s all about the money. Thanks for playing.

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